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Default RobLock - Review/Bugs/Suggestions - Theft Recovery & Tracking

Please Login to Remove!

Bugs / Suggestions / Review for RobLock:

When text sent via web or phone it should wake up “light up” phone and display message, It does not “light up” so you won’t see message unless YOU press a button on phone.

You shhould be able to run Roblock in Stealth mode, so program does not show up in “Running Programs” or Apps list which could be deleted.
If not possible, then you should be able to rename RobLock program and change icon to anything you want, so you could make it look like “my space” or “facebook”.

“Add from contacts” option in Roblock phone program main screen only shows first tel. # so if you have 3 #’s for one contact, it will only import the 1st one which could be a fax#.
Also if you have 2 contacts with the same first name, there is no way of knowing which is which as only the 1st name of contact is displayed.

Connecting to phone is almost impossible unless you have a gmail account as it send email to connect.
.msn, .yahoo accounts take too long to connect, and Web Interface times out before it can send/receive email.

After connecting, your phone notifies you of an email, but there is no email, and your status light turns red.
Since there is no email, there is no way or “resetting” the red status light to green without you receiving and viewing your "next" email.

How about being able to connect phone to Web via SMS instead? That would be quicker I’d think.

When my phone finally connects, it WILL NOT disconnect. I press disconnect on Web Interface, and my phone is still transmitting/receiving which results in a severe battery drain.
In 4 hours my phone is totally dead. Only way to disconnect is to do a battery pull.
Also, “disabling roblock” on phone menu , does not disconnect, so your phone WILL drain if it’s connected.

On the subject of “disconnect”, how about making it a lot easier to find it on the Web Interface?
Make the disconnect icon and letters ALOT BIGGER.
How are we to know that the tiny, tiny x next to phone # is to disconnect? Also, put a warning: “If connected for a long period of time, you will experience severe battery drain”. I, and many of my friends with Roblock thought that the “log off” would disconnect you. It does not.

We should be able to FORCE a disconnect from phone. If we have a RB+ WEBCONNECT, why not add a RB+ WEBDISCONNECT ??

On the BB, we should be able to see if we are connected to Web or not, Otherwise, get ready to charge your phone really soon because you did not know you were “connected”.
A simple green with words connected, and a red with words disconnected on your phone interface.

When you log in to web interface, it should not automatically connect, it should just log you in,
I may just want to add a phone, or see my settings.
Let ME choose to connect.

Web Interface Login shouldn’t be so “hidden” on vapssky site.
How about putting it on the Main page of vapssky site?

Cannot retrieve contacts on my Pearl for some reason
Cannot retrieve contacts on my Storm
Cannot get WHERE / GPS function to work on my Storm.

On Web Interface, when you click “Add Phone”, then click “Cancel”, nothing happens, where it should cancel the “add phone”

It would be great to be able to send your own audio file.
Police Siren is nice, but maybe I want to record and send my own "threatening" audio spoken message.

When a text arrives via web or “RB+ password TEXT”, and you click OK to remove on phone, my Pearl 8100 screen gets all “wacked”,
You see part of background , part white, part message, etc. Looks “crashed”. You then have to hit Red End Button a few times to get it back to looking normal.

When you receive SMS or email (not sure which) from RobLock after connecting or locking, it actually sends you an acknowledgement displaying your password. So it will say something like RB+ password …. It should “mask” your password. Passwords should never show up on SMS or emails

When you LOCK, then UNLOCK, it should put your phone back to how it was before you locked it,
BUT it actually forces the Blackberry lock every time, even after you send UNLOCK command, and even though you never had the Blackberry Lock on in the first place.

Setting up Roblock on Storm is almost impossible. It almost freezes Storm,. The text is super small. On the Pearl it’s a little better, but still a pain.
Make the text boxes BIGGER so we can actually see what we are typing.

I own 3 licenses for Roblock.

I have evaluated this program for ONLY 2 days.
I just want to end by saying that I LOVE this program, BUT it needs work.

I hope they fix it, and add some of what I suggested… or i may have to test out another app. Perhaps the upcoming "GetItBack 4" ?
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another bug

the alarm (police siren) does not Work on Storm
it just vibrates...

anyone else have any thoughts / observations on Roblock ??
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Default Battery pull during LOCK... on 8900.

I was testing the LOCKONLY function on my 8900, and wanted to see what happened if I pulled the battery. See if after reboot it was still locked.
Well, it wasn't LOCKED after battery pull.

I sent in a trouble ticket via their website, also hard to find page.
Innovative Mobile Softwares For Business and Individuals - The VAPSSKY
They are still working on issue, and stated that the system is indeed supposed to remain locked after reboot. This was on 3/26/09. I checked back on the site (as anytime support updates the ticket, they don't notify you by email, you have to just keep checking the site...arghg.)
They responded on 3/31/09, that they are checking the reason of such a behaviour of Roblock on my device. They will get back to me once they have an update. Then they changed the ticket status to "closed".

Hmm...closed. Ticket isn't closed by a long shot. I re-opened it today.

Anyone else test this functionality? Dont' test with the Alarm on, will drain battery in a blink.
Way fun to scare the bajeesus out of my fiance though...

I also agree with previous suggestion of a spoken alarm. Really loud "This is a stolen phone!!! Help me find my owner...please!" In a small childs voice. Ha!
I love it.

I do love the program though. All other functionality works well, on two different 8900s so far. The control by SMS seems to work the best. The Web Interface is buggy and new, and I can never connect.
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I had no problem with Roblock on my Storm when I was running OS or below. But since I upgraded to OS, and then OS, I can't even install the application any more. When I have installed the application, it simply gets stuck at the Terms and conditions screen. There is no way to scroll down to the bottom to click the Accept button.
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If I select RETRIEVE CONTACTS, where do they go? Are they being SMSed to somewhere? I sure hope not since I have >1500 contacts and no SMS plan.

I like the software so far. I strongly agree about the password being displayed in the email or sms - that should be masked or replaced with "password".

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