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azteco 12-28-2004 09:15 PM

7290 as a Modem
Does anyone know if the 7290 can be used as a modem for a laptop? I know most cell phones can be used for this functionality but I haven't found any data on this for the 7290. Thanks in advance.

jgelsey 12-29-2004 01:33 PM

Supposedly yes
Supposedly yes. Following these instructions, I was able to get the 7290 to respond to AT commands like a normal modem. But when I tried to dial (ATDT) I got an error back. Maybe you'll have better luck.


HOWTO: BlackBerry As Modem For Laptop

SUCCESSFUL MODELS: 7100 and 7290
SOMETIMES SUCCESSFUL: T-Mobile (port blocking issues)
UNTESTED: Nextel 7520 (need to dial S=2 instead of *99#)

1. Introduction
Did you know that BlackBerry can now be used just like an external modem for a laptop computer, so that a laptop can have full Internet access? This is useful when you need to do certain things that a BlackBerry cannot yet do. Increasing numbers of success reports have caused me to post this message. (Note: Mark Rejhon has not himself yet successfully used a BlackBerry as a modem; I am aggregating information). Sometimes, it is still tricky to set up a BlackBerry as a modem for a laptop, but this feature is becoming more and more common in cellphones, and BlackBerry models are following suit.

2. Credits
Credit goes to Scoobydoo, bfrye, bollar, VitaminB, jmounts, webtoker, dozment for their contributions.

3. Supported BlackBerry Models
You must have a BlackBerry model 7100 or a model 7290, or a Nextel 7520. At this time, no successes are yet possible on older BlackBerry models, and may not ever be. This may change with a release of BlackBerryOS 4.0, but there are no guarantees.

4. Supported Carriers
Currently, T-Mobile, Rogers, AT&T, and Vodafone UK are reported to work. No confirmations for other carriers yet.

5. Connect Your BlackBerry
Make sure your BlackBerry is connected by USB cable, and your BlackBerry Handheld Manager is running (just launch BlackBerry Desktop to run it.) This is necessary for using the BlackBerry as an external modem. You cannot use BlackBerry as a modem unless you have BlackBerry Handheld Manager running in the background!

6. Modem Driver Install
If you installed a recent version of BlackBerry Desktop that came with a 7100t or 7290, it should include modem drivers and already be automatically installed. In the event you need to manually install them, the modem drivers should be located in this directory:
C:\program files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Modem Drivers

7. Verify The Modem Driver Is Functioning
Go to Control Panel -> Phone & Modem Options. In the Modems tab, you should see a new Standard Modem on a new port (such as COM6 or COM11). Click Properties -> Diagnostics -> Query Modem. You should see the following:
AT+GMM - BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI1 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI2 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI3 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI4 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI5 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI6 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem
ATI7 - Research In Motion / BlackBerry IPmodem

Click Properties -> Advanced and add only ONE of the following Extra initialization commands with the appropriate carrier-specific APN Setting:

TMOBILE USA Users (Success!) wrote:

AT&T Users (Success!) wrote:

Rogers Users (Success!) wrote:

Cingular Users (Success! - CORRECTED!) wrote:

UK Vodafone Users (Success!) wrote:

Nextel/Telus iDEN Users (untested) wrote:
(blank - not needed)

9. Add A New Internet Connection
Close the Phone and Modem Options and the Control Panel. Create a new connection with Start -> Connect To -> Show all connections -> Create a new connection.
1. Click Next
2. Select "Connect To The Internet" then Next
3. Select "Set up my connection manually" then Next
4. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" then Next.
5. Check only the Standard Modem (if prompted).
6. Give the connection a name such as "BlackBerry Modem", then Next.
7. The phone number is star followed by two nines followed by pound: *99# (except Nextel/iDEN*)
8. Click Next.
9. Both username and passwords are usually blank, except for Cingular**
10. Clear all checkboxes ("Use...when anyone..." and "Make this the default...")
11. Click Finish
*Step 7 Note: If you are on Nextel, use phone number string S=2 instead of *99#
**Step 9 Note: If you are on Cingular, you need username [email address] and password CINGULAR1

10. Disable IP Header Compression
Make sure TCP/IP Properties (Advanced) "Use IP Header Compression" checkbox is NOT checked. To verify this, do these steps:
1. Start Menu->Network Connections->"BlackBerry Modem"
2. Click Properties Button
3. Click Networking Tab
4. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)"
5. Click Properties Button
6. Click Advanced... Button
7. Disable "Use IP header compression" checkbox
8. Click all OK buttons to close all dialogs

11. BES Configuration
Skip this step if you are not on BES. You only need to follow this step if your company gave the BlackBerry to you. If you are at a company and you are on a BES 4.0, your Administrator must enable the "BlackBerry IPModem" setting on the BES. This is a new setting in the Version 4.0 of BES.

12. Surf On The Laptop!
Connect to the Internet on the laptop by clicking the "BlackBerry Modem" icon via Start Menu->Network Connections. No username or password is needed.

shiraz79 11-17-2006 03:58 PM

7290 Modem connection Not working (PPP failure)

I followed the above steps from my blackberry 7290 to use it as a modem. It displays dialing "*99#" then "verifying username and password".

After this it displays an error "PPP link control protocol was terminated".

My service provider is mobilink and APN:
That requires no username password.

The extra initialization string added was

I will highly appreciate if anyone can help on this.


Soapm 11-17-2006 07:08 PM

There are instructions in the FAQ that will make this work. Before you frustrate yourself, it is slow as heck.. I believe it runs like 9.6k. I got it to work but never pulled up an entire page.

cyberpyr8 11-21-2006 04:17 PM

Where is the IPModem setting in BES 4.1?

gcingel 11-22-2006 07:42 PM

All though his question is strange it is no stranger than everyone saying the BB can be used as a modem. It can be used as a modem to connect to the internet through your ISP but not as a true modem. I have tried getting my BB to dial another modem but it will not due that. If you test the modem with hyder terminal you will find that it does not accept ATDT which is required to dial a phone number.

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