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Sarby 06-10-2009 12:08 PM

Facebook Connection Error

Just got my new Bold through work, connected to BES. I used to have a Curve. I love this device and 3G makes all the difference.

I have just downloaded the new Facebook app v1.6.0.17 but I keep getting the following error when trying to login:

"Could not connect because a data service is not available. Please try again later. If this continues, contact your service provider for support"

I have tried to uninstall and re-install etc several times but no change. I am able to connect to the facebook site via my browser and certainly used to be able to use the app on my Curve previously. I spoke to Orange UK and they confirmed I had all relevant services active and suggest I contact RIM.

Can anyone here help me please?

SteveO86 06-10-2009 08:58 PM

Is company pushing an IT policy that could be Blocking FaceBook?

I assume you have sufficient coverage when try to access FB

Sarby 06-12-2009 09:59 AM

Yes, there is an IT policy but I am still able to get to FB from the Browser. Would that not be blocked too?

I can't really ask our BES Admins as I'm only supposed to be using the handset for "business purposes" and FB hardly fits into that category.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

ifonline 06-12-2009 10:52 AM

Um... your company doesn't want you to use the device for personal reasons, and have set a policy so Facebook doesn't work. But damn be the company and their policy, you are determined to use Facebook anyway!


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