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TerraMobility 08-31-2009 12:14 AM

File Manager Pro v1.5 Released
Terra Mobility is pleased to announce the release of File Manager Pro version 1.5.

New features in version 1.5:
  • View Files as Thumbnails. These are neatly laid out on a grid for easy viewing of all your picture and image files. You can select 3 different sizes as well as the display of the file name and attributes.
  • Integrated Text Editor. Create new files or edit existing ones. Use the Find & Replace function, with options for case sensitive and word only matching. Also includes Edit and View modes, Spell Check (trackball devices only), Zoom, Revert, SaveAs and more.
  • Enhanced Shortcut Support. Quick access to many common actions and operations using newly expanded shortcuts, including file list sorting, list navigation, searching, zooming, Favorites and Options.
  • Optimized File Operations. Now with faster performance for file operations, such as Copy, Move and Compress.
  • Expanded Storm Support. Use your touch screen BlackBerry the way it was intended! We've extended our Storm support to include flick scrolling and touch selection in the Thumbnail view and the Text Editor. Select by double tap, triple tap or multi-touch. Scroll smoothly and quickly using a flick motion.
Existing Features:
  • Support for All Standard File Operations. Copy, Move, Delete, Rename. Also, Send as Email, New Folder and support for recursive Copy, Move and Delete.
  • Zip File Support. Create and extract zip files. Don't extract zip archives just to see what they contain--simply open and view them like folders. Click on a compressed text file and have it open for viewing without the need to extract it first!
  • Select Multiple File and Folders. Easily select multiple files and folder and do any file operation on them.
  • Search. Search for files and folders, specifying to search subfolders, and whether to use case sensitivity or whole word only.
  • Launch Files in Documents-To-Go. Click on any registered file type and have it automatically launched in the handling application.
  • Favorites List. Fast access to your frequently used folders and files.
  • File List Sorting. Sort the file list by Name, Size, Date or Type. Specify the display of file information and whether to show hidden files.
  • Modify File Attributes. View and set the attributes on files and folders, including hidden and read only attributes.
Visit the BlackBerryApps Store or for screen shots and more information.

SteveO86 08-31-2009 11:37 AM

A click-able link for ease of navigation:

Terra Mobility - Essential Tools for BlackBerry

jcp007 09-12-2009 07:19 PM

I have this app on my Bold and love it.

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