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ukandrewf 09-11-2009 06:59 AM

Audibleair Blackberry 8900
I'm posting this because the obvious threads for it have been closed.

I juts got a blackberry 8900 (to replace my orginal bb curve) and I've been an audible customer for many years.

Finding that audible had released what appeared to be a working audibleair product, downloading it, linking to my library was just bliss.

BUT i couldn't work out why all my books which appeared to be downloading completely were stopping after 5 mins of audio and would not allow me to go to the next section. The display said 'Section 1 of 1' but it seemed that the whole book had downloaded.

FINALLY after a few hours scratching my head and wondering why no one else seemed to be shouting about the problem i found a preferences setting (in the library view) which was defaulted to just the first 5 mins of a book. Changing this to the 'whole book' has solved the whole problem.

Andrew (who hopes it saves someone else some time)

ukandrewf 09-11-2009 07:29 AM

***That'll teach me...

I downloaded an audible book under details it shows 8:38:36 (the whole book) it took much longer than the first time suggesting that i had fixed the problem as above

On device
00:04:59 of 08:38:36 (which could mean i only have 00:04.59 of the book on the device).

Have deleted and started download again.

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