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Bellbus 11-03-2009 09:55 AM

Application Install problems
I just purchased the medical dictionary. I asked for help from the firm involved and the instructions emailed were wrong. Now I'm stuck. Can anyone tell me how to fix this.

I was told to unzip the application onto my computer - No problem there.
Link to the phone and create a folder called MSDICT.
He then told be to copy the .PBD file (which is wrong, it was all the files)
I did that and then he said link to the .alx using the Browse button in the Desktop manager software. I did that except - I used the Desktop version of the .alx file NOT the one on the phone.

My problem now is that I have tried to remove the application and reinstall, but everytime I browse it will only find the .alx file when I browse the folder on my Desktop folder. If I browse to the folder on the phone, the .alx files are invisible, even though they are there which can be checked using my computer.

I click on Details and the path is always to my Desktop folder. How can I reset the install/program, so that I can install it correctly by pointing to the .alx files on the phone, not the computer?

I am completely new to the Blackberry in case you had not already guessed!

This package cost 14, there must be aware to fix this mess up. The firm has come back saying it can provide no more support - gee thanks!

MidnightDraven 11-03-2009 06:37 PM

You cannot make desktop manager find an .alx file on the phone.
This is supposed to be done from the PC.

When the people said copy the .pbd file, thats ALL you copy.

remove the files from your phone and start again.
follow the instructions you were given and it will work.

Bellbus 11-04-2009 03:04 AM

Thanks. Never tried this before and unable to find instructions with the phone.

I did try linking to the file, but nothing appeared in the Applications menu.
Will start again like you suggest.

Help appreciated.

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