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rexguys 12-17-2009 03:45 PM

New Major Release of ToDoMatrix Task Management
We have released a major new version of ToDoMatrix Professional.

ToDoMatrix is a leading task management solution for the BlackBerry. ToDoMatrix is preconfigured for Getting Things Done and Franklin Covey methods and supports synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, and programs that sync via PocketMac / BlackBerry Desktop for Mac.

To learn more about ToDoMatrix, visit REXwireless/ToDoMatrix

If you have ToDoMatrix, upgrade by pointing your BlackBerry browser to after doing a Backup to Web command.

Highlights of Changes from 2009.01.05.xx to 2009.10.20.xx:

A. TAS Category Mapping - TAS (task applet synchronization) now includes multi-dimension mapping to categories in BlackBerry tasks applet, and therefore categories in Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.

B. Wireless Sync 2 - ToDoMatrix synchronization to REXservers has been completely re-engineered to improve delivery in adverse wireless conditions while using less bandwidth.

C. Improved listener logic to the BlackBerry tasks applet to improve TAS sync performance

D. Added Priority and Status system views at the drawer level - in other words, Priority and Status are now fully-functional dimensions, reducing the need to create and use complex user filters.

E. Added of "Not Set" views in dimensions

F. Significant improvements to Filters

G. Improved User Interface look and feel

H. Improvements to REXdesktop to support all new ToDoMatrix capabilities

I. Adjustable Summary Headers

For a detailed list of changes, please visit Index page - current releases.

Happy Holidays,

the REXguys

jnyost 12-19-2009 09:01 AM

Any closer to a standalone application for the PC to edit and sync data? I often don't have internet access and also don't want my data wirelessly sync'd anywhere.

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