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JulesH 12-29-2009 04:55 AM

Sync Pocket Informant

I'm new to BB Forums having recently got a BB 8900 Curve. Prior to this I used on an Ipaq Pocket Informant as my diary ad contacts so I bought Edition 8 for my BB 8900. Stand alone it works well, but here the advice I seek.

I have set the synchronization configurations for two way sync in the BB Desktop Manager and to run add-ins (Pkt Informant) , but in this mode the 'system' duplicates entries, both diary and contacts, on the BB and in MS Outlook; so I end up with two of every entry. How do I do two-way sync where just new entries are updates.

An alternative might be to do just a sync with the native BB diary and contacts and Outlook rather than BB, Pkt Info and Outlook, and then do a manual full sync on the BB into Pkt Informant, but would this not use twice the memory space?

Any help would be appreciated.



DaBlackberryBoy 12-30-2009 10:44 AM


I would suggest clearing your PI databases via Desktop Manager and then resycning to see if that clears up your issues. Instructions can be found at Sync Bug In Pi For Bb - WebIS, Inc. Forums (Post #21 especially)

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