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oakie 01-14-2010 12:57 AM

Fixmo Tools beta for BlackBerry
FYI, for those who havent heard about it...

I'm not affiliated with Fixmo Tools, but am just a slightly enthusiastic user who really likes the product. i received an update to it today which reminded me to post up in here to share with you guys, especially since a quick search shows that it has yet to be posted.

the Fixmo Tools Suite is a set of tools to help keep your blackberry running smoothly, give you insight on important details, and give you additional tools to help make your blackberry integrate seamlessly into both work and life. a few of the features so far include:

- undelete. this allows you to restore any email or messages you've deleted from your messages folder.
- scheduled silencing. you can quick silence the device with a convenience key or thru the app, or even better, schedule quiet time or allow it to integrate with your calendar to automatically silence your blackberry during any "busy" appointments on your calendar.
- flame retardant. this will double check your emails prior to sending for any foul language, improper punctuation, excessive caps, etc. everything EXCEPT spell check. you know, the important stuff ;)
- battery monitor. gives you detailed info on your battery status as well as control over your radios to help conserve power and can warn you when battery levels reach a certain point.
- memory monitor. gives you a detailed report of your RAM and application memory status plus one-button access to the standard memory cleaning to clear up your RAM.
-forward/reply editor. allows you to edit ALL text in a forwarded or reply email.

there are additional apps that will be integrated into the suite as the beta program rolls along as shown on the app's main menu but are for now inactive.

for now it's obviously free during the beta period. the combination of apps in the suite already is worth around $20-30 if you were to round up each feature separately. the latest update has fixed a lot of the significant bugs found in the previous release and is much more stable. the last part: it's extremely low overhead and thus wont slow your blackberry down.

sorry, but i'm totally loving this app as it integrates all the tools i usually buy separately plus a few more but doesnt slow my blackberry down in the process.

you can download it ota here: Fixmo - Friends and Family Beta

akosnitzky 01-16-2010 02:11 PM

Wirelessly posted (Lets Go Canes!)

I played around with the app. I agree with you. Its definitely worth a look and I see many of these components built in to future OS.

mrvtx 01-16-2010 04:25 PM

I have been using it for a few weeks, and it seems to work well.

I'm not sure that I would spend $20-30 on it since I don't need all of the apps.

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