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nobody7290 08-27-2010 12:52 PM

BarCode Reader Software ?
I tried several apps, however, none of them are what I look for:
I would like to have something which scans an UPC or EAN Code, and, puts it in the clipboard, or, in a file.
If possible without the need for a network connection, or, if this is a must, without people in the background who aggregate all read codes in their database for whatever kind of marketing tricks.

(small rant: When I first saw the Term Barcode reader for BB, I though oh, nice! but what is availible is all for nothing/for marketing research for the benefit of the developers, not for the users, I would not be hard for the current developers to offer a $2.99 app which in return protects my privacy)

Just read barcodes, nothing else.

There are BT readers, however, I only need that occasionally, and, I bet I wont carry this with me when I need it.

Anyone knows such an application ?

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