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Happykin 11-04-2010 05:28 AM

ABC Amber IPD Merger
After spending days and days on end doing research I am at a loss so I will turn here. Back in 2007 I bought a program called ABC Amber IPD Merger which works great for merging some of the IPD files I have. Unfortunately I am not sure what happened to the company, their website is still up and working but when I attempted to send them an email it instantly bounces back as well as none of the software seams to download.

The problem is I need to know has anyone bough the software ABC Amber IPD Merger that has the full installer? I need to grab a copy because I have the trial one but I do have the Registration key file they sent me through email however installing the trial for some weird reason won't read the registration key which explains why the email I got sent me a link to the full version, Sadly enough the full version link no longer works.

I do have a valid key as I have several products I bought from them however for some reason I don't have the full version installs only trial. I've tried contacting the company and everything. Before I posted this I installed one of the other products (ABC Amber Black Berry Converter) that I had the full version of and launched it. Even though it was full it fell back to trial mode because I didn't import the registry key that I got for it from the company back in 2007, so I am guessing if someone has the full version installer it would do the same.

All I am asking is if anyone has the full installer they could send me. I have my own registration code and really need this software. I never had an issue until my hard drive crashed so I am kind of screwed here unless someone can send me in a PM or whatever a link to the full installer for the ABC Amber IPD Merger, Once again all there other products even with the full installer fall back to trial mode if you don't import the reg key the company sends you so all I need is the full version, I don't want any registration keys or anything as I have my own so if anyone uses this software please help me figure out where I can download the full version at since I no longer can from there site.

Thank you.

Ingrid Pouw 02-05-2011 07:25 AM

Re: ABC Amber IPD Merger
I have the same problem. ABC Amber BlackBerry Converter (registered version!) is no longer available on internet. How can I convert my BlackBerry Backup (IPD-file) to Outlook or excel?

JSanders 02-05-2011 08:33 AM

Re: ABC Amber IPD Merger
Ingrid, I don't know that you can now, with the loss of the downloads of the full application.

I don't know what happened to the company.

vickymdl 07-08-2011 01:44 AM

Re: ABC Amber IPD Merger
pls try elcom blackberry backup explorer. And how do you get reg key for IPD Merger?

Green Cart 09-08-2011 12:02 PM

Re: ABC Amber IPD Merger
Old software is ABC Amber Blackberry Converter version 8.07 while new software is Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer version 9.6., $49 for standard and about $95 for professional.

I went to Password recovery, forensic, forensics, system and security software from ElcomSoft : recover or reset lost or forgotten password, remove protection, unlock system and sent an e-mail explaining my situation. I said that while I had the old software, ABC switching to Elcomsoft never gave me an oportunity to upgrade. I told them that I lost my old registration code, but I provided my email address and old order number.

They sent me the professional edition for free!!! and said that free upgrades are available until September 8, 2012. They provided me a new registration code and order number.

Dubdub 09-08-2011 01:47 PM

Re: ABC Amber IPD Merger
Nice of them to do that. I also wondered what happened and now we know!


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