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jrice8002003 11-30-2010 11:32 PM

UberTwitter v1.0 - Facebook Integration? Ehh...
I just grabbed the latest release of UberTwitter and was pleased to see Facebook integration in the newest build. However, I was mislead a bit. I thought you'd be given the option before each tweet to specify whether you want the tweet to post to Twitter only, Facebook only, or both. However, when you enter in your Facebook info and turn on the setting, all it does is post every tweet to options. I don't see the point in this feature, since installing the Twitter application on your Facebook profile already allows this functionality. I already have this application set to post my tweets to Facebook, and using the latest UberTwitter feature on top of it just duplicates the post. It actually posts the same tweet twice when both features are enabled.

Am I missing something here? I'd like to be prompted with choices on where certain things will post. Right now I'm having to manually delete what I don't want on Facebook from the Facebook mobile website.
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Trimix 01-09-2011 09:41 PM

Re: UberTwitter v1.0 - Facebook Integration? Ehh...
When you log into FB in UT, there's an option to send all tweets to FB. Leave that unchecked and then you can choose which tweets you send to FB each time in the composition window.
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