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Smiley8 01-11-2011 04:20 PM

New app: SecureX protect apps from launching

Does your friends, co-workers and family always use your BlackBerry(R) without asking you first? Do you have sensitive data or application that you do not want others to see or open?

If you answer yes then you need SecureX. SecureX allows you to assign applications to the protected list. Anyone try to open the protected app they will need a password to open it. Without the valid password the application will not open.

You can also enable global protection for 3rd party and or system applications. This will protect all apps from launching. If you do not want this then add custom apps to the protected list.

SecureX DOES NOT save your password anywhere on your BlackBerry(R). It only stores the hash of your password for authentication.

Due to the SecureX design the Camera and Video apps are not protected.


* Selective application protection
* Protect all 3rd party applications
* Protect all System applications
* Password is NEVER saved
* Custom wallpaper for the password screen
* Password is required to modify application protection and preference settings
* Easy to use
* Protect after battery pulls

Click here for more info SecureX - Password protect 3rd party and system applications from launching - Utilities BlackBerry Apps

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