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Default To Magmic: 10 ways to make Sudoku better

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First, magmic did a great job on this game for the blackberry. I've used it now for a while and there are a few things that would make it damn near perfect. Here's the first 10 that come to mind, in no particular order of importance:

1. Put options on the main menu. Its pretty weird you have to be in a game, hit esc, and then can turn classic grid on/off, skip givens, etc. Put an options selection right in the menu with new game, daily puzzles etc so you don't have to start a game with the timer running to setup or change options how you want them.

2. Speaking of hitting esc... consistency is key, in everything for the BB generally clicking the trackwheel brings up a menu. Not in this sudoku game for some reason. Actually the reason is because you want the clicking of trackwheel to select a square but the space bar is plenty good for that usage alone. Get the navigation consistency back.

3. Separate instructions for "how to play sudoku" and "controls on the blackberry to use"

4. For controls on the blackberry, enable navigating the sudoku board with keys. like "o" moves up, "L" moves down, "I" moves left, and "p" moves right. Optionally allow the user to set the keys (minus number pad) to move around board. This would be great cause alot of people avoid using the trackwheel whenever possible since it is prone to the most wear and tear. Plus it would enable playing with one hand which would be helpful for me when I have to hold the baby.

5. PAUSE. yes I like to compete with my own times and I hate that in order to pause a current game I have to hit esc (stupid navigation) wait a couple seconds for the first menu to pop up (and as this menu is up time is still running!) then click on main menu. Please give me a pause button or something. Optionally blank out the board like at when paused.

6. When I update the sudoku software or even just reset/reboot my blackberry all of my local statistics get wiped out! This is annoying. Add an option to send your local stats to your magmic profile. Add an option to reset your local stats whenever you want but this way its up to me and not just when I have to reset my BB and I've completed 30/50 puzzles now I'm back to 0/50. These local stats would stay separate from the daily puzzle statistics.

7. More statistics! When I post my time for a daily puzzle show the average time it took everyone who posted so far to solve it. Give me a percentage of whether my time is below avg or above avg. (this is like how does it when you click the "how am I doing" button)

8. More board designs and customize options. Sometimes its hard to tell between a number I entered and one already there. Offer more board designs that make user numbers stand out more or give the user the option to customize colors/fonts of the board and numbers.

9. When playing you can click the spacebar then roll the trackwheel to input a number. But you can also click on a number already entered by the computer and then you are "stuck" in that selection mode until you hit the spacebar again. So don't allow getting into that mode on a pre-entered number.

10. Offer more types of game-play like a smaller board for beginners or Hex sudoku, which are Sudoku problems using hexadecimal digits (0 to 9 and the letters from A to F) on a 16×16 grid.

That's it for now, if you want more details or any questions on what I said just let me know!
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Mobile Sudoku on Handango does most if not all of what you are asking for here.

Check it out.

It's not free ($8.99), but is full of great features, has a clean interface and is very intuitive.

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