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PJD642 05-22-2011 12:10 PM One Touch Launcher & "Send SMS"
I'm not shilling One Touch Launcher from jaredco, but it works nicely - combined shortcuts for email, messages, quickpull, and a bunch of other stuff into one place for me.

The one thing that sucks, though, is that since I upgraded from OS5 to OS6 on my 9650, the "send SMS" tab doesn't work, probably because OS6 combined SMS and MMS into "text messages" and determines which it needs automatically. One Touch Launcher still has "send SMS", and my conversations with them on their support forum have been less than satisfactory in resolving this. First they say they don't support beta software, then when I point out that Sprint and Verizon now have official releases of OS 6 for the 9650, I get no answer at all.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with OS6 and One Touch Launcher? Has anyone else contacted Jaredco support and gotten a reply on this topic?

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