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Kirkx 11-30-2011 12:26 AM

Screenshots with Photobucket, SnapScreen and ZonaSnap
Many BlackBerry models have a single convenience key, which leads to problems when you want to use both a keyboard shortcut app and a screen capture app. Those types of apps are easiest to set up with a convenience key assigned to launch them.

SnapScreen app comes to rescue here, as it allows taking screenshots by hitting Alt+Esc (application switcher). Screenshots can also be taken regular way, like with all other similar apps, from menu command or convenience key.

There is also some unintentional integration between SnapScreen and ZonaSnap app, if the latter is also installed, which speeds up the process of uploading screenshot links to web forums (as long as you have a Photobucket account).


SnapScreen v1.3.0:

ZonaSnap v2.1.2:

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