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hedone.hawker 03-20-2012 01:15 PM

Unable to answer the call?
Hi BlackBerry community!!!!

Yes new Premium BlackBerry Smartphone app was just approved by BlackBerry App World and we named it simple Talk To You Later! And that is exactly what this little app will tell your callers when you are not able to pick up the call!

TTYL comes with three important features! Not only you can set unlimited number of messages you can select from when you reject the call... this app gives you a lot more!

We've included AUTORESPONDER that you can activate when on a meeting or you just wanna have some time with no one bothering you!

And one of really important features... ;) JUNK NUMBERS!!! ;) what is this for? :D to add your ex's to the list (right from address book or call log) so that they can never call you again! ;) And TTYL will also remove this number from missed calls!!!

What i missed in other similar apps was to know what sms-es i've sent... well we've build in history for all actions this app do...

and another important thing is Import/Export so that even if you update your BB you can always import all your messages and settings. I found this important since i nuke my BB every few days and i hate writing all those messages again!

Social networks? YES! SURE! when you'll enable Autoresponder app will automatically let your friends on Facebook, Twitter AND BBM know you are not available!

And just to finish... ;) App will send PIN message to other BB users if you have their PIN in address book!!!! That way you wont need to pay for SMS messages!!!!! :D

Guys... 0.99 USD only? :D Yes.. we wanted you to get this app for as low as possible since its something all BB users should have on their devices! ;)

We also have video preview of application... check it out here: Talk To You Later - YouTube

Where to get it? Hm... did you know we've redesigned our web page?!?!?! ;) yes... we have new web site and i think you just need to check it out!!!!!

App is available on App World but i do suggest you get more information about it first! ;) you can get more information here: Talk To You Later | i-Mentalist

Did I mention its available for all those friends of yours who left this beautiful BB world and went to Android? :O But they dont have PIN messages and BBM connection!!!! :P

huh... so small app an so much to tell about it... ;) and guys... please... let me know what you think of it... and review it on App World please! ;)

Have a nice day!!!!

Dubdub 03-20-2012 01:21 PM

Re: Unable to answer the call?
Moved to the Aftermarket section. Almost a SPAM post

jsconyers 03-20-2012 01:27 PM

Re: Unable to answer the call?
Hedone has been posting his themes and apps here for years. He isn't a spammer.

stevetaz 03-20-2012 02:47 PM

Re: Unable to answer the call?
Agreed jsconyers.....He is just a little over excited. He has been making very nice products for a long time and is not a spammer as far as I know....

hedone.hawker 03-21-2012 11:48 PM

Re: Unable to answer the call?
Hey guys!!!! Nice to see you again!!!! ;) and yes... I as a bit over excited... :D App World needed some time to approve this one and I wanted to put it out asap... ;) I sure hope you'll like it!!!!

oh and J... nice to see you again!!!!!!

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