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y10xu 11-29-2004 09:45 AM

simprit 01-22-2005 07:50 AM

MiniExcel 2.0 for BlackBerry
MiniExcel is a portable spreadsheet program for your BlackBerry phone. It helps you to keep track of your money, expenses, budget and anything you like wherever you are.

MiniExcel is small and yet powerful. There are many uses, with support of currency and percentage, you can easily calculate government and service taxes, maintain your shopping list and prices, keep track of your daily or monthly expenses.

MiniExcel integrates with Excel and Quicken now! You can read and write Excel file from your mobile phone, and export Excel file to Quicken QIF file.

Check this new version out. As of version 2.0, MiniExcel is specially designed for BlackBerry handheld. User interface has been rewritten completely to follow BlackBerry UI design guideline. This makes BlackBerry users feel at home when using MiniExcel.

Visit Simprit web site to download trial version free!

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