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yathestha 06-29-2012 03:43 AM

MobShield Parental Control Software for Blackberry Phones
MobShield Parental Control software for Blackberry brings you ultimate peace of mind by assuring total safety and security of your child. You couldn't stop yourself from buying a Blackberry for your child and now you cannot stop worrying about its possible misuse common among the kids? Have your childxxx8217;s phone under a secret surveillance and feel light!

This surveillance is really easy and free from all complications if you install the phone with Blackberry parental control which lets you enter your child's secret world and keeps him safe from dangerous strangers. Block all the inappropriate looking sites, restrict mobile usage for certain period of time; track the location and have complete details of all the activities taking place on his phone like the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails, MMS, and so on. You can even try helping your child in times of distress with the help of the software. So say goodbye to all your worries and wish a warm hello to parental control software for Blackberry!


MobShield Features:

  • Black List Contacts
  • Family Contacts: The contacts which are added in the list of Family will always away from any access rules.
  • List, Add, Delete operations
  • Should be able to choose the contacts from phonebook
  • Block Application Usage
  • Block Websites:
  • Activity Tracking: Calls, SMS, Contacts, Emails, Photos and URLs should be auto tracked. The type of data to be tracked should be configurable.
  • GPS Tracking: Location tracking on schedule interval and real time using SMS commands
  • Phone Usage Restriction: Restrict the usage of phone or internet.
  • SIM Change Notification: SMS alert when the SIM of the phone gets changed
  • Uninstall Protection: Phone should ask the password (which was initially set by user only) while uninstalling the app so that someone else should not be able to uninstall the app without knowing password.
  • Remote Control: Use should be able to configure services using SMS commands.
  • Panic Alert: The child can dial a secret code when he is about to be in danger zone. SMS with his current location will be sent to all contacts in Family Contact list and both Parent's numbers defined in General Settings.
  • SMS Alert: There will be two type of SMS alerts.
    - On activity with any blocked content.
    - Any SMS activities having pre-defined keywords.

henson 09-13-2012 01:14 AM

Re: MobShield Parental Control Software for Blackberry Phones
I have been looking for this kind of parental control for mobile for a very long time, it is amazing. I get it.

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