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SwitchV 11-14-2012 04:56 AM

How to make free VoIP works on your BB- Vippie
Dear BB fans,

You all know that there is many kind of Voip application, but not all works properly on your BB. You can also join it and use voip free aplication which enable you to make a free phone calls all over the world. This possibility gives you Vippie. I heard many people has problem with that so ..what you need to know to make it works?

The application works over Wifi, Edge and 3G (expect BIS/BES plans).

The app supports the following audio codecs: G711U, G711A, GSM and AMR.

Application will work on Blackberry CDMA devices only with AMR codec, since they do not support PCM audio format (official Blackberry note).

The app needs to be allowed the following permissions :
"File API" - needed for accessing pictures on your device,
"Input simulation" - needed for keyboard input simulation,
"Internet"- needed to connect to the cellular data network,
"Recording" - needed to access the recorder,
"WiFi" - needed to access WiFi,
"Media" - needed for the audio player,
"Organizer Data" - needed for accessing phonebook contacts,
"Device Settings" - needed for modifying device settings,
"Idle Timer / security timer reset" - needed for modifying backlight settings.

Almost ever it would be done automatically in your phone but sometimes the IT Policy on your phone is so restrictive you need to do it on your own or ask your phone admin to change it.

If you have more questions or problem fell free to ask

daphne 11-14-2012 12:00 PM

Re: How to make free VoIP works on your BB- Vippie
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