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EricaJ1074 04-01-2006 04:00 PM

BBToday Houston Weather Code
Anybody know the 8 digit Location ID for Houston, TX or Missouri City, TX?

Stinsonddog 04-01-2006 04:03 PM

Can't you just put in the zip. If not search here. I have seen the link for lookup posted before.

SMorganPhoto 04-01-2006 04:13 PM

Type in the zip!

NewBee Wins 04-01-2006 04:14 PM

Wirelessly posted (7100I: BlackBerry7100i/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/103)

I used my zip when I set it up. Should work.

NJBlackBerry 04-01-2006 04:16 PM

Save time - 77001 is downtown Houston (or use USTX0617)
Missouri City is either USTX0905 or 77459 (Zip)

EricaJ1074 04-01-2006 04:23 PM

Thanks. I got Houston.

EricaJ1074 04-06-2006 02:14 PM

I'm back. I had to do a total wipe of my BB due to software issues and none of the codes above are working for Houston, Woodlands, or Missouri City. I am getting the following message: "could not open tunnel-failed". Help?

NJBlackBerry 04-06-2006 02:24 PM

Did you go into Options / TCP and set the APN and any other information for your carrier?

The codes work fine. Your BB is not configured properly for BBWeather.

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