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blake.blake 02-07-2005 10:13 PM

7520 and verichat connection issues
yea im a noob here but i have searched here and hofo with no luck

i download the new verichat from here (the top one)

and i can not connect . i let it attempt to connect for about 30 min wiht no luck? anyone have suggestions, is there something i could be missin on my plan?

do i force mds?? the program runs and i get the sceen scroll but it wont go any farther and i get the arrows in the top right but it wont go farther than PDAaps screen

my nol works fine

please help

rednec 02-07-2005 11:13 PM

Been having similar issues myself. I'm having problems staying connected to verichat. Keeps disonnecting for no reason. My buddy list will be there but I'm not connected. I usually have to log off and close then sign back in. Getting a little aggrivating. I just got my BB7520 last week and still trying to figure everything out.

xxhiyanxx 02-07-2005 11:35 PM

if you are trying to run the software right after activating a new phone it will not work right away.. sometimes it takes up to a couple of days to actually be able to use verichat.. NOL will still work however.

blake.blake 02-07-2005 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by xxhiyanxx
if you are trying to run the software right after activating a new phone it will not work right away.. sometimes it takes up to a couple of days to actually be able to use verichat.. NOL will still work however.

thank you i thought that could have somehting to do with it...

do i force mds??? also is waiting the same game for webviewer?

Mark Rejhon 02-08-2005 12:08 AM


Did you upgrade to Verichat 1.78 or later? It now autoreconnects, so it is much more reliable now.


Did you just recently activate your Nextel? If Reqwireless WebViewer and other MDS apps are not working either, then your problem is with Nextel first. Test other MDS apps too, to find out if this is the case.

blake.blake 02-08-2005 02:00 AM

yea i got the blackberry today, ive had nextel for years but upgraded the service

is there somehting they possibly forgot to put on the plan, it took them 4 times to get it right... retarts....

any other surefire mds apps that i could test? the 411 prog works

or should i wait a few days like xxhiyanxx said... does it make a difference??

also would this be it???
Nextel/Telus - iDEN - Works with TCP/IP
They are special because they are iDEN and more native TCP/IP. You need to order the static IP address option. This is done differently from the APN method. You have to call your Nextel/Telus customer service rep and order the static IP address, which is reported to cost about $4 extra per month for Nextel customers.

PS how long does it normally take to log on to verichat>?

Mark Rejhon 02-08-2005 02:44 AM

It usually takes me about 10 to 15 seconds to logon to Verichat on my BlackBerry. If it takes more than one or two minutes, then something is wrong.

I would suggest testing Reqwireless WebViewer from ... It's a useful color HTML browser for your BlackBerry too.

You should call Nextel and make sure that the full Packetstream service is completely enabled on your Nextel, with static IP address enabled.

Things should be just fine in a couple of days from now, I hope -- just keep working at it, but just test briefly once a day. Call up Nextel too as well. Then everything should work after a while, if history is of any note (About 2-3 days after activation)

blake.blake 02-08-2005 08:20 PM


verichat worked part of the day. Around noon est and now around 8 est. web viewer has worked all day with no problems...

i notived when verichat went to sign on it kept sayding connection disconnected or something on the bottom of the screen. is this an errror that can be fixed with a reset??

Mark Rejhon 02-08-2005 09:32 PM

MSN is having massive problems today -- My desktop MSN doesn't work.

AIM is working just fine on my Verichat -- but MSN does not work, but that's definitely not Verichat's fault. (My desktop MSN doesn't work either!)

rednec 02-09-2005 12:14 AM

I had to call BB support today for some email issues. They got me straightend out there, but now I can't connect to verichat at all. Just keep getting the PDAapps screen. We did a major reset on my phone so that may have something to do with it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back up and running. Atleast I have my email working properly.

Mark Rejhon 02-09-2005 12:30 AM

You need the IPPP service books (Options->Service Books). Try getting your service books retransmitted. Go to your BWC and get them retransmitted using the "Send Service Book" button. Also try Options->Host Routing Tables->Register Now.

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