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marvmiller 02-19-2005 04:55 PM

Reqwireless EmailViewer and Verizon 7250
I have the new 7250 from Verizon, and its a dream to use! I can access the internet via its browser, use VeriChat, and 411 application. But... how do I set up Reqwireless E-mailViewer to use the internet built into my 7250?


Mark Rejhon 02-19-2005 06:34 PM


Are you using BES, or are you able to run all these applications without using BES? (Verichat, for example)

As for Reqwireless Emailviewer, try Reqwireless' FAQ:

I have a new BlackBerry 7250/7750 on the Verizon/Sprint network. Can I use your apps?

Yes. The Corporate Edition will work automatically (meaning that your organization must operate a BlackBerry Enterprise Server with MDS enabled). The Personal Edition will also work if you've configured an appropriate WAP connection. Verizon and Sprint do not provide a public WAP gateway with this capability, so their customers must find an alternative. One such service is the MobileWeb4U Mobile Web WAP Gateway which has been verified to work with the Reqwireless applications. When you subscribe to their service, MobileWeb4U will give you the "WAP gateway IP" and "WAP gateway port" which you'll then enter within your Reqwireless software under Settings -> Advanced. On CDMA networks like Verizon and Sprint, the "GPRS APN" field isn't used
For Bell Mobility, try configuring this data:

Bell Mobility
Gateway IP:
Port: 9203
APN: (blank)

marvmiller 02-19-2005 08:40 PM

I am able to use Verichat and web browser without BES/MDS. It comes with Verizon 7250 automatically.


bmoore 07-20-2005 11:40 PM

I cannot seem to see the icon for the Web Browser that comes standard with my VZW 7250. Is there a trick to getting the icon/browsing back..

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