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Wasn't sure where to stick this but figured general was safe. Feel free to move around as required.

Anyway, I am looking for some feedback on a project I am working on.

I use my blackberry every week while shopping at the stores, but no application really suited my needs. Shopper (I think the name is) was too cumbersome to get going; I ended up needing a list to remember what needed to be on my list. PDList (the new one from Pocket Day) is not exactly what I was looking for either. So I wrote my own. It will have 3 parts when completed. (Maybe 4)

The first part is a PC GUI app to help build the lists.

The second part is a website (html) designed to be browsed by the blackberry browser (trimmed down, fast, holds data in a manor you can bookmark).

The Third part is a website for viewing on a desktop, for things like account management and such.

The key features of the package:

==Easy list generation
==List Groups (like Grocery store bills)
==Customize you groupings completely (actually you account starts with no groups and you add your groups from there, make it as simple or complex as you like)
==simple blackberry web interface (should work from phones and other sources as well but it was designed around the size of blackberry screens)
==Desktop software written in java (being a Linux man my self I know a few things about not having software for you platform).
==Share lists (you can share lists between groups, just hand out your pin and password and everyone can safely view the same list at the same time.)
==the entire package (servers, clients, website) are all open source.

If you like you can see what I currently have in the way of the web application. Just visit with your desktop or blackberry. At this time of this writing it is in demo mode only (can not save or edit lists can only view logins disabled, everyone is viewing a shared list).

I am currently working in my free time on this project. It is near completion and I will keep this post updated on progress. The GUI is nearly done. I need to add the ability to edit and remove list groups. Then the core of the app will be complete. At that time I will make it available for download. The Blackberry app is near completion. Need to pretty it up a bit. Need to decide if checking items in the web app should delete them, hide them, or just show them as checked. I am leaning towards Hide or show checked based on settings. The Desktop website has not been created yet. If you would like an account to test with ahead of time (before the desktop site is done) please email me at [email address]

I am going to finish the app regardless of response to the next question. I personally will use it very much, so the incentive is there.

Would you use an app like this? If so then what other features would you be looking for?

NOTICE: Glist is not super secure. It never will be. I allow a few leniencies with security to make the app easer to use from the blackberry. Do not store Credit card information, account information, or any other info that you might not want others to see. The biggest security risk this app has is that the Desktop GUI Client has direct access to the SQL server that drives the blackberry based website. A reasonably cleaver person could get the user name and password (for access to the sql server) and then decode and view your data. (This is an open source project so encoding can be undone by just looking at the code and guessing a few key values (your password for example))

NOTICE 2: This project is open source, but due the aforementioned security issue the server address and passwords will be removed from the source package (but left in the binary package so you can use it).

NOTICE 3: Notice 1 & 2 may change without notice if I decide to implement a more secure architecture.

NOTICE 4: At this time Glist is under heavy development. All aspects of the project may change heavily. The Web interfaces are most susceptible to change. I know for example that in the next few nights the Desktop Site will become active and you will no longer be able to view the blackberry site from a desktop browser. Another example, in the next few nights when the Desktop site is brought online Account creation and editing will be active. This account creation activation will allow all users to use the Blackberry web site, with their own lists and groups. This will be a large change from where the demo site is now.

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Similar, but not open source or free, something a bit different than the standard BB apps -- though I think in line with your thinking.

They don't have it yet but I think the concept will be to enter data via web or bb.
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Default Glist Working

Glist is now working in some form. The Blackberry client is finished and complete. The desktop client is complete but I am not happy with what it takes to make it work (noticable the mysql drive in the classpath. It can be a bit confusing and it means I have to expose my mysql server, I am working on a RPC/webservice version but this will have to do for now.) . The desktop website needs a good overhaul but it is there. And it does technically work. I think its great. it has been extended to manage all lists not just grocery lists (thing General LIST) New account creation should be up and running.

Upcomming Fetures:

-Color/style change for the blackbery client.
-More personalization
-Code rewite to deal with desktop client haveing to expose mysql
-Code rewrite to php over java for desktop and blackbery browser apps (java is a bit a a resource hog compaired to php)
-Integration with my website (one registration not 2)
-Priority support on List items

You can get the links and set up your account by going to with a desktop (not a blackberry)
and you can visit the same address to access the blackberry site (go there with your blackberry)

The site will definatly be going through some changes I am not at all happy with it. It may be up or down due to development (desktop appshould always work). SVN access is not yet available because of the early stage of development that this is at.
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Moving to Aftermarket Software.
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