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gdpmumin 11-12-2006 01:35 PM

Tasks by Alex King
I have been a user of Rexwireless's todoMatrix for a few months. I have found it useful and well-designed, even if a little expensive, and have offered positive comments toward that end here on BlackBerryForums. Last week I came across an application that may be more flexible and serve my needs infinitely more than todoMatrix.

I write a blog specific to my work. While I was looking for plug-ins for my blog, I came across Alex King's website. In addition to plug-ins and themes for blogs, Alex writes other software applications, one of which is called Tasks. Tasks is a web-based application that you can download and install on your own webserver (that's what I did) or sign up for a hosted account so you don't have to mess with installing it (it isn't that difficult). There is also a limited version called Tasks Jr., but I haven't looked into which features Tasks Jr. has.

The reason this is of interest to BlackBerry users is because Tasks is accessible via your BlackBerry browser. Everything available to you on your desktop is available to you on your handheld's browser in a mobile-friendly, giving you cross-platform functionality. You can also e-mail yourself tasks and, with the use of cron jobs, these tasks will be entered into your task list.

Tasks supports recurring tasks and daily e-mail reminders. It does not support alerts when a task is due. You can posts tasks to a blog for intra-office communciation. You can also set up parent/child tasks (multiple levels).

Tasks is $29.95 (one user) and a multi-user version is available, too.

I've only been working with Tasks a couple of days, but I think this one is a keeper. While todoMatrix is a great program, right now it's only BlackBerry based. And the inability to create multiple levels of tasks (i.e., projects, sub-projects, tasks, sub-tasks, etc.) made it increasingly difficult for me to use sucessfully.

A free trial is available (you don't have to download the free trial; it's hosted for you) so you can determine if it will work for you. I don't work for Alex and I don't know him at all apart from the couple of times we've communicated this weekend. I just think his program is a great piece of software.

techphreak 01-03-2007 12:33 AM

I've also used Tasks from Alex and it truly is a great program. Very feature rich and flexible.

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