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k9to5 01-22-2007 01:26 PM

GMAIL "loading" taking a long time
I have a BB 8100 (TMo) and notice that when I run the GMAIL app it will say it is "loading" for a long time, and then when I press the Pearl's "menu" button my list of emails become visible, but until then, it is a blank screen with just the GMAIL logo and "loading" indicator.

I have plenty of avail MB on the phone.

Any ideas as to what could help fix this?

theBorg 01-26-2007 02:01 AM

The gmail app screen is blank until you press the menu key, correct?

If so, it may be an application bug, though I don't see that on my 7100t. Try a power cycle. Then try a hard-reset (remove battery for 15 seconds).

If the issue is with bandwidth, there's something you can do:

By default, the text of the first few emails are preloaded when you launch the app, or select a new label. That means a lot of data transfer. You can turn off preloading with:

Menu: More->Settings Uncheck Preload

I see a noticable decrease in load time.

Good luck.

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