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rivviepop 01-27-2007 02:08 PM

App Request: screenshot (on device, no PC)
CC: BBF, Pinstack

Dear dudes who like to write tiny freeware applets for us heathens and mere mortals,

I am fully aware of the screenshot solution that requires a PC (I forget the name, but the author is on Pinstack a lot), but this doesn't help us mac/linux users one bit. I would love to get my grubby hands on an app that works like Antony Pranata's app does on the S60 (Symbian) platform, it's what everyone uses and I miss it: > Screenshot for Symbian OS

Is anyone out there willing to take up the challenge and provide the community with a little bit of codery? My gut instincts say:

- hotkey definable, defaults to something compatible with 8700, 8100 and 71xx series (maybe ALT+MENU?)
- defaults saving a JPG to SDcard if present, but user-selectable save directory
- JPG format with basic option to choose quality (default 80% compression level)
- ability to define filename beginning, defaults to "ss_" or something (so "ss_001.jpg" and onwards up)

...which is basically how Antony's works -- he developed a great UI and set of choices that didn't leave you wanting for anything. It just works. :)

metsfan 01-28-2007 11:35 PM

This may not be possible for security reasons. You (they) don't want one application to be able to get sensitive information by taking screenshots. I've looked through the API a bit, and haven't seen a way to do it.

rivviepop 01-29-2007 01:24 PM

What about the paint() method of the Canvas() class?

RIM Device Java Library: Class Canvas)

"The contents of the Canvas are never saved if it is hidden and then is made visible again. Thus, shortly after showNotify() is called, paint() will always be called with a Graphics object whose clip region specifies the entire displayable area of the Canvas."

Couldn't you subclass Canvas(), and in your pass-thru of the paint() method to the parent take the Graphics 'g' object and save that as a JPG file?

(note: not a programmer but a systems guy, so I can read APIs but not bother coding them :) )

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