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cp-Mike 03-06-2007 09:26 PM

Can't get PicoNews to "initialize"
I have an 8700g on T-mo using BES. I have tried just about everything to get PicoNews to initialize (where you type in your name and e-mail address), but no matter what I do, it always comes back with "unknown error 10006". If I go to "help" it says that error 10006 is "sometimes temporary depending on the current network coverage". If I "request support" it sends an e-mail with some more details:
Piconews platform: Blackberry
Version: 2.1.1
Blackberry Pin: xxxxxxx
Step: Configuration
Error : Unknown error (10006)
Details: Exception: java.lang.Exception: HTTP error : 500 (not implemented)

I've tried doing the initialization at home, at work, at different locations all over to try to rule out cell tower / gateway issues, but it hasn't mattered. I've tried it over the course of a few days, but that hasn't made a difference either. I've tried every possible combination of settings in the little initialization screen, and that hasn't made a difference. I've even uninstalled it, soft-reset, then reinstalled, and another soft reset, to no avail.

I'm about to give up but I keep seeing people recommend this software on here, so I thought I'd ask... is there anything I'm doing wrong? Is PicoNews incompatible with BES? I doubt there's anything on the BES that is blocking the initialization, as every other third party app has worked for me just fine.


Ezradv 08-14-2007 10:28 AM

Piconews initialization error
I have been having a similar problem

I actually had Piconews running on my ATT 8700 using the BIS and everything worked fine.

As I changed jobs I switched to ATT Curve and tried loading Piconews again.

This time I got the error:

Piconews platform:Blackberry
Version: 2.11
Blackberry PIN: XXXXXXX
Step: Configuration
Error: Error while parsing response (10005)
Details: Exception (Timeout?) header check

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