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JSanders 10-03-2007 09:11 AM

Voice on the Go
I got an email from Handango about this new application, I have not tried it, so no endorsement, but I do know something along this line has been inquired a few times here.

Voice on the Go - Listen to your email and reply by voice (hands-free) by Voice on the Go Inc. - Handango BlackBerry Pearl Software
Voice on the Go - Listen to your email and reply by voice (hands-free)

by Voice on the Go Inc.

Voice on the Go allows for convenient hands-free and eyes-free access to your e-mail, contacts and calendar. Thatís better than hotdogs and beer at a Yankees gameóand safer than wearing a Red Sox jersey to said Yankees game. Before you start throwing peanuts, consider this: With Voice on the Go you can conveniently e-mail by voice and, in compliance with growing hands-free driving legislation, keep both hands on the steering wheel. Regardless, Red Sox fans, to truly stay out of harmís way, better head back to Fenway Park.

Features include:
  • Hands-free and eyes-free access to most e-mail services
  • Search contacts and place calls by voice
  • Review and create appointments by voice
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Simple to use with no voice training
  • Compliant with growing hands-free driving legislation

mdlissner 10-03-2007 06:32 PM

Does anyone now how this works?

Why is it a monthly fee instead of a one time fee like most add on programs?

I might give it a whirl for $6 to see how it works.

Looking for comments from people that have used it.

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