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  1. First post, first BB - Happy
  2. Can I make the vibration setting louder?
  3. Tour BBM Problem
  4. Not getting Facebook notifications on Sprints Tour.
  5. BlackBerry Tour user not seeing Received e-mails
  6. Problem with not charging + getting hot?
  7. Voicemail?
  8. Reassigning Quick Keys?
  9. Rebate Checks
  10. Call Waiting
  11. Reverse LookUp
  12. BES activation failed 1st time and not completing!
  13. 8G micro SD card became unreadable
  14. Camera shutter sound
  15. Intermittent GPS function
  16. Walmart? Check this out
  17. Tour on T-mobile
  18. Call Log Deleting!
  19. facebook not letting me use the options
  20. Verizon Tour 160+ charachter text msg---picture proof
  21. Verizon MR1 - Sept 15
  22. making changes to vibrate profile
  23. Help: Shut off Email Alert
  24. email settings
  25. HELP- not getting notifications from FB anymore
  26. Bolt Browser as default
  27. How do I make Keyboard lock automatically?
  28. Is charging not OK with all 5v USB sources??
  29. Calling 911 Blackberry Tour
  30. Call Timer ???
  31. BlackBerry App World on OS
  32. Switching from the Storm to the Tour...Should I
  33. how to delete docs from Docs To Go?
  34. how to delete emails from handheld?
  35. Caller Id
  36. USirius????..........
  37. Incoming Email font....again......
  38. Can I buy one Tour from anyone?
  39. Sound profile problem on new Tour. So annoying!
  40. Email, font size questions
  41. muted sound - my little test
  42. No Blackberry Messenger Icon on Tour
  43. Restricting phone ID
  44. Bold Battery Cover for Tour?
  45. how to delete calendars in device
  46. Is it me or.......
  47. Anyone been able to get BBscreenshooter to work with Tour?
  48. No Bberry Messenger
  49. How to disable startup/shutdown sounds on 9630?
  50. New Tour question
  51. OS 5.0 LEAKED for Tour
  52. address book limit?
  53. Problem with Outlook contact notes being truncated
  54. Are the 8900 and 9630 trackballs the same?
  55. Battery Percentage Indicator
  56. On board memory no showing up!!!
  57. just got my vzw bb tour replacement! working pretty well so far...BUT!!!
  58. I'm scared!
  59. Back of Tour getting extremely warm!
  60. Profile Question
  61. Won't go off Headset mode
  62. Texting question (field full)
  63. Alert/Sound Profiles
  64. Question about creating ringtones with BB Desktop Manager 4.7
  65. Bluetooth Send Level Problem with V4.7.1.40
  66. My Tour Thoughts...So Far....
  67. Battery "solution" for Tour (for now...)
  68. Missed call log and Google Maps GPS
  69. Horrendous call quality/people can't hear you?
  70. Unbranded Tour bottom cover now available
  71. Using Headset - Lack of phone call notification
  72. Homescreen Notification that won't go away
  73. Tour LCD - is it supposed to do that?
  74. Anyone know if any stores that carry battery replacements?
  75. GPS not working with Bell Tour
  76. Blackberry Tour
  77. Messages
  78. Turning Bluetooth on and off
  79. Questions about my new Tour!
  80. 9630 Tour Call waiting issue VZ
  81. Invalid Ringtone, Please select another...
  82. Transfering data from Curve to Tour
  83. Deleting "Archived" Software
  84. Closing Browser
  85. Tour... is it worth it?
  86. Blackberry Messenger Buddy List Size
  87. Anyone get Amaze GPS to work on Verizon Tour?
  88. Ring tones not recognized
  89. Is there no BB Maps for/on the VZW Tour?
  90. What is this symbol?
  91. memory question
  92. Call log view options
  93. Timing out when trying to open most sites
  94. Nightmare with Unlocked Sprint Tour overseas: No Browser, no BB services.
  95. New Tour User - Gmail Calendar problems
  96. Blackberry tour questions
  97. MPEG won't play
  98. does hotsync backup bookmarks, etc
  99. Handheld and Earpiece too quiet
  100. Web browsing size and speed
  101. Not allowed to exchange my Tour
  102. Why doesnt tour show when someone is typing a message?
  103. important calls issue
  104. Five best add-on apps for BB Tour
  105. tour in UK
  106. need help with sync to desktop pc
  107. Message symbol doesn't disappear?
  108. Need Mailbox Help
  109. Got my New Tour..Yahoo!
  110. VNC+ for the Tour
  111. Email Folders
  112. a DIFFERENT call display problem
  113. video issue new BB owner needs help
  114. I am going to try to get a Blackberry Tour (9630)
  115. Garmin with Tour
  116. Outlook Sync Compatibility-BB Newbie
  117. tour cell phone cases
  118. Contacts swap through Sim
  119. Bluetooth Issues
  120. New Message "RED" asterisk?
  121. Tour 9630
  122. How do I...
  123. 9630 Prototype can flash ?
  124. How do I remove micro SD card?
  125. Would the Tour ever get autocomplete?
  126. Seidio Innocase 360 For BlackBerry Tour 9630
  127. Reading Web Pages
  128. Who owns this Blackberry forum?
  129. Returning Tour, going back to enV3
  130. Grey font in HTML messages
  131. Deleting Service Books
  132. why is my browser so slow?
  133. tour - activation reqd on screen
  134. Camera-less Tour on Sprint?
  135. Tethering Tour to a Mac
  136. Evernote
  137. Purchasing Battery, etc for Tour
  138. Question about exchanging Tour
  139. Tour Exceptions
  140. Good case for those using skins
  141. Can not install Blackberry App world
  142. Silent Alerts / Loud Profile
  143. Can't sync Tour with Outlook 2007
  144. Tour Case/Sleeve Without Camera Cutout
  145. EDGE/edge on Unlocked Verizon Tour
  146. Make screen brighter while using
  147. Need to use Tour on Sprint and AT&T
  148. Mailbox quesion
  149. tour wont show up on Desktop
  150. Reconcile deleted messages doesn't seem to work?
  151. How to Retain Call Log / Phone History?
  152. Animated Radar
  153. Considering ditching the Tour...
  154. Switching from Pearl to Tour... would you?
  155. BBSmart doesn't work on 9630...
  156. Voice annouce/Talking caller id and text readout like on LG's
  157. 'Flemsy' back plate cover
  158. Car charger questions for Tour
  159. Holy cow...I need help to delete some BAD pics!
  160. Browser "desktop" shortcut
  161. Unable to Open Certain Excel Documents
  162. Newbie to Blackberry ... Email Help please?
  163. Call Log Question on Tour
  164. Video Recorded on Tour Does Not Playback (on Tour)
  165. Refurblished: Y (Date) line on new Tour?
  166. How to know if have a refurblished Tour?
  167. tour screen
  168. Anybody Know the Location of the "Magnets" on the Holster?
  169. Windows 7 HELP!
  170. BB Messenger problem
  171. Screen Ripple?
  172. Tour stuck on spinning clock while rebooting
  173. Restoring email to their respective mailboxes from AT&T Bold to VZW Tour issue.
  174. Battery stats.
  175. I can't reply to a message in the Tour
  176. I test the Tour
  177. Complete Backup DELETED Custom Ringer Profiles
  178. Can't Make or Receive phone Calls while in edge ...
  179. BerryBuzz: Reminders not working while charging on Tour
  180. Couple issues/Questions ..THANKS
  181. *PICS* question about the OEM tour cradle/table charger
  182. Weird sings ......
  183. Very weird "delete on prompt" issue
  184. UNLOCKED Tour Owners: How is EDGE?
  185. Get rid of broswer push icon
  186. Red star next to icon wont go away
  187. Google sync issues...
  188. Unknown icon
  189. Reduce the font size
  190. Volume Boost
  191. Make default email GMail
  192. My callers appears as Unknown Number on my Unlocked Telus Tour with Rogers
  193. New Tour, Better Build
  194. upgrade from 8830 ?
  195. Bluetooth On, Shutdown but battery still drains!
  196. Plazmic 4.7 - Tour Update
  197. Delete Messages Issue - New User - Tour
  198. (3) Messages
  199. Browser not showing up
  200. How to Wipe the Tour - Verizon?
  201. New comer to BB needs some advice
  202. Verizon GPS question for Tour
  203. New/used Blackberry tour questions
  204. Replaced my world edition with a tour, can i sell my world?
  205. How to clean the screen on the Tour
  206. Emails text showing as attachment
  207. Gmail app for tour
  208. Tour + Google Voice + calling from overseas?
  209. Custom profile...just "vanished"
  210. Gmail double email Fix For Tour
  211. Two SMS issues. New user here.
  212. Call Timer on Phone calls
  213. Displaying the clock on all screens of tour
  214. I want to Upgrade to a tour
  215. Standby Mode
  216. Missing Call Log Icon
  217. Can't sync Tour with Outlook contacts
  218. *HELP* with importing contacts/address book to tour
  219. Synching Tasks and battery life
  220. Downloading attachments on BES
  221. Unlocked Tour, Bowser does not work?
  222. Educate me! (Sprint Tour for use in Europe - 5 months)
  223. Restore or Switch Device Wizard? Need help!
  224. Turn off screen during charging
  225. Why am I still getting a notification for my email?
  226. Is My Number on the Tour changeable manually
  227. Blackberry Tour and Weather.com
  228. Unknown Notification Icon
  229. iPhone convert to Tour...got a question
  230. Modem Tethering Verizon Tour Roaming In Europe
  231. Sample pictures/video
  232. Unlocked for AT&T, No 3G & Activation Req?
  233. Compose SMS Text???
  234. Verizon Tour and GSM with Vondaphone Card
  235. Can I combine SMS from same contact?
  236. Looking for hard plastic swivel holster for Tour
  237. Question About Background
  238. blackberry email vibrating
  239. Any way to make my youtube videos better quality?
  240. I can't get my BBM back! :(
  241. So, what is the Tour?
  242. Memo pad during a phone call ...
  243. QuickPull bricked my Tour...learn from my mistake so it doesn't happen to you
  244. ringtone and vibrate?
  245. QuickLaunch and Stay Lit problem
  246. 9630Tour with Chinese input & Display
  247. 0.s 5.0 On A Tour
  248. Trackball problem solved!!
  249. For those of you using Verizon Access Manager with a Tour...
  250. Problems setting up my AOL account email