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11-04-2007, 09:26 AM
I have been a great fan of BBerry but I am drifting quite a bit today.

I bought my first 8707v in July 2006. Wonderful piece of equipment; love the "Vodafone Today (Active)" theme. Only one bug: the "ghost" sms that stays on the home screen.

Fast forward to recently when the trackwheel has lost traction. The local carrier M1 does not offer any repair after the one year warranty is up (during covered period, they would simply give you a new set). For two weeks, I used an old 7100 that belongs to my boss: the less than complete keyboard drove me nuts.

So today at the carrier's retails shop, presented with the options of the Curve, 8820 and 8707v, I returned to what I can count on: the 8707v.

Once home and connected to my pc, getting my existing data on board the new 8707v is a breeze.

But 3 hours later I am getting increasingly frustrated. The keyboard cannot be unlocked with the trackwheel. This is much discussed by previous postings so I shall give it a rest. Even if the rationale is explained and accepted, and even if I get use to the * and call button sequence, they should fix the messaging bug when trackwheel is depressed.

What is now really annoying is the way in which I have lost control over the organisation of applications. Previously, I can hide and move apps up and down. Now I am forced to live with a matrix of apps whose icons are greek to me.

So my advice to all 8707v users who are thinking of replacing their aging set with an identical one is: the replacement is far from identical.

=== More Annoyance ===

Just received an sms from my boss to update colleagues on re-sked of meeting tomorrow morning. While sms'ing, I "Add Recipient". What happens is I am presented with a 2nd name that is identical to the 1st name, e.g. if my 1st addressee is John and my 2nd addressee is Mary, I see John and John. I checked on the entries with "Show Address" and I get two different numbers. If we are dealing with air traffic control here, some one is really messing things up.

11-05-2007, 11:16 AM
I have only recently joined the world of BlackBerry's and got a new 8707v last week. I've since upgraded to the latest firmware listed here (although just spotted a newer one so going to give that a go) and I have none of the following issues you mention:

I can happily move/hide the icons around

I can unlock the device using the scroll-wheel (perhaps I don't understand the problem).

Maybe you need a newer firmware? Mine came with 4.1 and I now have 4.2 installed.

11-05-2007, 11:26 AM
Chew, since you didn't post the detail... to move the icons or hide them, make certain you press ALT + Trackwheel for the menu.

good luck.

11-05-2007, 07:57 PM
Here are the details:
v4.2.1.94 (Platform

I have put down my annoyance by changing my Theme from "Vodafone Today" to "BB Dimension Today".

[Taomyn: what Theme are you on? My problem was with "Vodafone Today".]

[JSanders: thanks for the tip on ALT-trackwheel. Works on "BB Dimension Today". I am not wasting any more time on Vodafone Today".]