View Full Version : reading pdf files on a BB 8820

11-04-2007, 04:52 PM
OK -- I am new to BB (about a month or so into the "experience" and spending hours playing)

BUT --- how does one read pdf files on a BB????

I simply want to read a wide variety of pdf files. None are secure. ALL are freely downloaded from the web -- lectures, white papers, program summaries and NONE are attached to an email

AGAIN ---- NONE are attached to emails

These are all downloaded to my PC and then I choose which to load onto my BB

Each and every one can be read on my PC; each HAS BEEN read on my palm tungsten E2 (which I am converting from)

I have tried to simple "load them" -- they are seen but not opened

I purchased master doc from Dynoplex --- they still cannot be read (I have asked their tech support why)

so -- how do you READ pdf's not attached to emails (meaning I CANNOT use the beamberry (????) program -- I think that is what has previously been suggested by many)

Reading simple pdf’s seems to ME to be the most frustrating part of the conversion from Palm to BB

and I REALLY like the BB so I do not want to go back

11-04-2007, 04:55 PM
You can't, then. Dynoplex is the only option possible.

Perhaps the new OS coming along will allow that.