View Full Version : 8830 TELUS Battery Life

11-06-2007, 01:10 PM

I have a member that just received a NEW Telus 8830. He states that his Blackberyy is not keeping a Charge longer then a Day. I also have the same 8800, but on a Rogers Network. I did set his screen to be 50%, Blackout to be 20 secs.. Ensured No Additional APPS turn on... Before I give it back to the Client, I have one further Quesstion...

The Telus 8830 has the ability to work GLOBAL, if the Global NETWORK is selected. This is the Network Selected on the DEVICE. Since the member is not travelling this Offten, should we not have the Device set to 1XEV instead of GLOBAL? Does the GLOBAL Setting use up more Battery Power then if we select 1XEV?

thank you