View Full Version : Newbe quick question for experts about modem and data usage

11-09-2007, 01:50 PM
Thanks in advance for your help and your forum. I am going abroad on the 14th and so am short of time. I admit that I did not do a detailed search of the forums, but a quick search did not find an answer. I do apologize if this answer is elseware that I could have gotten by searching further.

I will be going abroad on the 14th, and so purchasd on ebay an unlocked 7290 to use. I expect to get it tonight. I currently have a t-mobile account with 1500 minutes per month. I hardly use 200 of them. I do not have a data plan, and currently do not plan on getting one. I want to use only the phone functions.

Reading several messages on the forums I see that the blackberry is always on. Will this incur any charges here or while I am abroad. I plan on using my Mobal sim card on the phone that does not have any associated data plan. For email messages, I use my current razr phone as a modem using a free dialup account. This uses my minutes and does not incur any data charges. I see that the 7290 can be used as a modem. Can I use this to check my email using my minutes of which I have an abundance instead of paying extra for a data plan. Can this be incorporated to check my netscape or verizon mail on the blackberry?

Thanks, and I apologize again for rushing my posting which I normally do not do without adaquate searches.