View Full Version : 8700C Memo sync with Lotus notes Journal

12-11-2007, 09:00 PM
Here is the skinny:

Blackberry 8700c with BDM ver. 4.2.2
Lotus Notes 6.54

Issue is with the memo-pad (device) and Journal (Lotus notes). When I go into memo-pad on the device I see all memos. I press wheel in to filter out just the memos in the business catagorie and it says: No Memos....which is in correct because I can go back to viewing all memos and pick any of the business memos and within the details catagorie section business is selected for catagories...this is the same on all the various catagories I have. Within Lotus Notes Journal to which the memo pad synchronizes all the memos are in the proper catagories...Hopefully I made it somewhat clear. Any Ideas? Thank You.