View Full Version : 8830 LCD Replacement Compatibility

12-12-2007, 06:52 PM
I am having issues trying to replace my cracked 8830 World Edition LCD screen. I ordered the replacement screen from Cellular Nationwide Network (CNN). The first one they sent me would only light up (bright white screen) when I installed it. They sent me another one and it does the same thing. I have swapped the new ones and my original cracked screen back and forth several times. Each time I change to the cracked screen (original screen that came with the 8830), the BB boots up fine with the hourglass icon and eventually my home screen. However, each time I try one of the two new replacement LCDs, I can only get a white screen, no images. I chatted online with the CNN tech support, and they told me they do not have an 8830 on site, but that the manufacturer told them the screens for the 8800 and the 8830 should be the same. Obviously they are not (or I am doing something wrong). The screens they sent to me fit in the 8830 fine (physically that is) and the ribbon cable plugs in fine (it probably wouldn't light up otherwise).

Has anybody else had this issue? Any suggestions? Are there any other vendors to purchase this screen from that have "reasonable" prices. It appears that CNN is hard to beat for pricing. Thanks.