View Full Version : Microsoft exchange server 3rd party service. Which one should i go with?

12-12-2007, 11:27 PM
Hi there guys. Is there a cheap solution to my problem? I run a business with 1 other parter and we are both actively reading emails and replying to them. Sometimes we run into the problem of him or me not knowing which emails have been replied to when I am on my blackberry and he is on outlook on the computer.

I would like to eliminate this problem. I need to be able to support at least 3 emails w/ this MES. Sales email, marketing email, and info email. What benefits would I see from Microsoft exchange server?

Lastly, could anyone recommend a cheap but good solution to my problem? Also, I know outlook has tons of features that it looks like the blackberry does not have. Like the flagging of emails, tasks, calander. Are these not syncd to outlook?

12-13-2007, 12:35 AM
Have you considered a BES Express server, This is a server for less than 15 users, it was a free server for with the first license included and minimal cost for up to 15 Check out BlackBerry.com for more details This would give you the synch that you want. Or you could send all three email accounts to the BBerry without the server it will show on the desktop that you opened the emails at least. One other thought is to set the BBerry up to Auto BCC anytime you reply

12-13-2007, 12:37 PM
Good luck, I posted a reply to another thread here: http://www.blackberryforums.com/general-blackberry-discussion/89654-hosted-bes-first-year-report.html, and no one ever posted back. I know there are a lot of folks with strong opinions out here, thats what I am looking for as well...

12-13-2007, 05:41 PM
I signed up with ExchangeMyMail - they have been nothing but awesome. Anytime I have an issue - and I have not had many - they are right on top of it - could not ask for better service. I would highly recommend them!


12-13-2007, 09:09 PM
We use ASP-One (Exchange Hosting Features and Pricing from ASP-One (http://www.asp-one.com)) for our shared Exchange 2003 plan. We have 5 userIDs, 2 with BB service. It is $10 per ID, with 500Mb storage per ID (you can pool the storage). Throw in advanced spam filtering for each ID (a few dollars) and $10 per ID for the use of a BES, which syncs very well with the Exchange server. Total monthly cost for our company: less than $80. I can't even imagine how quickly I can make this $80 back by making one client happy for a quickly returned email...

Alex Alexzander
12-14-2007, 09:54 AM
I also use a hosted exchange service. Mine is from Mail2web. They are little more expensive, but here is what I do.

I have hosted exchange which is $14.95 a month, but I get 1 GB of storage. I have BlackBerry Enterprise with that, which is $14.95 per month. So this is my BES.

I also have Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint. This is what makes this so great in my opinion. Sharepoint allows you to have a central location for quotes, documents, and even web versions of timelines. You can give access to as many people as you need to the share point. Because of this, I no longer rely on thumb drives. It all adds up, but I feel I get value for it all.

BES is great too. I recently switched from my BB8800 to an 8310, and because of BES, I merely did a new Enterprise Activation on my new BB8310, and all my mail, contacts, sent and received mail, and even font sizes, came down into my new phone. It was the easiest switch I have ever done from one device to another. I'm not missing a thing. Even though it's a new phone, my dialing habit of just typing in a name and having the BB filter through to the right person, and list of available numbers worked as if I had been using this phone for months.

With BES, if you send a message from the exchange client, you see it as a sent email on the BB device. It's a checkmark. And you can read the entire message even though you didn't send it from the BB. Likewise, if you send an email from your BES activated BB, you will see it in the sent folder of the exchange client. It's just a world better than anything I have ever used. But the best feature of BES / Exchange tied to a BlackBerry is this. IT WORKS. I mean it really works. It is once in a blue moon that a problem arises, and most of them will fix themselves in an hour or something like that. You can watch the Desktop Redirector even with BES, and it will show which BES server is running with your BB and it will state last contact, pending messages, etc. So you have real-time access to the health of even a hosted BES account. It is the best thing I have seen. It's why I have paid these bills for over a year now and still feel like nothing out there will cause me to switch off this system. It is hands down the most reliable mail system I have ever used.