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12-13-2007, 12:46 AM

I've done the searches...and couldn't find a conclusive answer.

I've upgraded to the 4.2 OS a couple of weeks ago. It's been a very pleasant experience since then. Stable, no battery issues, no BT issues, etc. However, I have some questions for you more seasoned users.

MMS. Does 4.2 implement MMS functionality with the 8703e? When using my Yahoo! Messenger, I can choose the option of "Send Media" to some of my friends in my contact list...and not given that option on some (acutally, most) of the others. Is there a determining factor to who I am able to use this option with? The ones that I am able to use this with are generally home accounts, but other home accounts do not allow me to see this option. Does YIM versions have to match? My buddy, who is a VZW user on his 8830 4.2 OS, does not give me the option to "SEND MEDIA" through YIM (and he IS on the same YIM version that I am on). This option is pretty sweet! I assume this is the MMS (or variant of MMS features) capabilities through Yahoo? Is there another way for me to send MMS outside of YIM or BB Messenger?

Voice Notes. Is there an actual ICON in the desktop that will allow me to record personal voice memos? I see the option on the phone menu and again on certain contacts, under Yahoo Messenger...but not all contacts. Confused here.

Thanks for all the help.


12-13-2007, 07:22 PM
it's not the OS, Verizon disables MMS functionality on all non-camera Blackberry devices, 4.2 does not enable that feature.