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12-18-2007, 03:43 PM
I am new to BB and bought a new 7290 through TIM in Italy. When I was in the US I was surprised that my T-mobile prepaid card wouldn't work in it. I took the BB to have it unlocked and noticed before doing so that I was getting error 411 and would need to reset the phone with the scroll button. The man at the store told me I needed to download newer software. When I arrived back in Rome I put my TIM card in and continued to get the error message. When I got home I went to the TIM site and downloaded the software they offered. When I plugged the BB into the computer to download from Desktop Manager it began to load to the BB, but then it said it was disconnected and now all I have is a blank screen with a picture of the desktop manager and a circle with a line through it. Can't get anything else. I have taken out the battery and also tried holding the alt-shift-delete keys to no avail. My Italian is barely passable and don't see how I can get help from TIM! Thanks.

12-18-2007, 03:45 PM
Follow these instructions:
How do I wipe the BlackBerry using Jl Cmder? - BlackBerryFAQ (http://blackberryfaq.com/index.php/How_do_I_wipe_the_BlackBerry_using_Jl_Cmder%3F)
and if you have problem, do this:
What to do next if Jl Cmder will not connect and wipe - BlackBerryFAQ (http://blackberryfaq.com/index.php/What_to_do_next_if_Jl_Cmder_will_not_connect_and_wipe)

Good luck, and welcome to the BBForums.

12-18-2007, 04:16 PM
This sounds scarey but I will try. How do you know which one of the Desktop manager softwares to download? I am currently downloading the OS which I believe is the same one I downloaded a few days ago. I did a backup before I started that download so I hope it will work--although I tried to restore and it didn't show it in the boxes! I am so new at this I have no clue what I am doing! Thanks, Sz

12-18-2007, 04:56 PM
Just as a note--under "help" on Desktop Manager it says I have version dated June 13, 2005. Also, when I tried to load the newer software a few days back it said "After completing the loading operation you must activate your device wirelessly to continue to send and recieve messages...". I do not have internet access on my phone--use it only for calls and text messages--how would I activate it wirelessly? Well, it is 11 pm here so I will wait and hope to see an anwer tomorrow! Thanks, Sz

12-18-2007, 06:08 PM
You don't need to activate it if you dont have a data plan.

12-19-2007, 12:50 AM
Thanks--that solves one problem! I still need to know what version of desktop manager I should download or if I should. I have version dated June 13, 2005. Thanks,

12-19-2007, 12:56 AM
No, you need to at least update that to version 4.2, get the one withOUT the Roxio Media Manager, the smaller download.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager Downloads - BlackBerryFAQ (http://blackberryfaq.com/index.php/BlackBerry_Desktop_Manager_Downloads)

12-19-2007, 02:46 AM
OK--I will download 4.2 and give th wipeout a try! I did think of something else and don't know if it means anything or not, but when I plug my BB into the computer the Desktop Manager still says it is "disconnected." As I said, I don't know if this is important but would hate to find out later that had you known that you would have given me other advice! Thanks,

12-19-2007, 04:42 AM
OK the good news is my BB is now working again! Thank you so much. I needed to do the second version of a wipe out because after typing blackberry at the prompt many times nothing happened. The bad news is that the Desktop Manager has disappeared from my computer! I don't know how to get it back so that I can restore my address book! And if it disappeared does that mean my backup has also disappeared?

Another question--since I am so new to BB I would like to find out how to do things like download ringtones, find out my cell phone email address so that I can receive emails without subscribing to the internet service (a friend in Canada just gave me her cell email and I emailed from my computer to her phone and it came through fine without her subscribing to any internet program), and any other conveninet things I can do that don't require internet for the phone--I have a prepaid plan through TIM in Italy, but my phone is unlocked (I'm guessing it still is!) and use T-Mobile prepaid while in the states. If you can direct me to a place to find these things I'd also aprreciate it! Thanks

12-19-2007, 06:11 AM
Without a BlackBerry Data Plan, your BB does not have an e-mail address.

12-19-2007, 06:46 AM
Bummer! Can you tell me what to do about my missing Desktop Manager? And will my backup still be out there somewhere? Thanks

12-19-2007, 06:59 AM
Can't help with DM. You may want to completely remove it and reinstall 4.2.2 again.

12-19-2007, 08:31 AM
While redownloading the Desktop Manager I noticed that once again I have error 411 and need to continuously reset. I just finished redownloading the OS which is and currently I have 4.10.292--do you think is going to solve my problem or take me back to not being able to use the phone at all??? All this just because in Italy most people text instead of talk! Thanks

12-19-2007, 08:38 AM
Is the error 411 on the BB?
You are going to have to follow JSanders instructions above.

Install DM
Download and install the Handheld OS for the 7290 onto your PC.
Wipe out the BB per the instructions given above
Reload the Handheld OS per the instructions given above

Follow all of these steps carefully and it will work.

12-19-2007, 08:50 AM
I have to wipe out again?? It was after wiping out earlier today that the desktop manager disappeared! The message is on the BB and it will reset for awhile! This is frustrating. Thanks

12-19-2007, 08:54 AM
Error: Device Error 411 on Blackberry. (http://www.helpinfo.com/index.jsp?k2dockey=1021048217009773707&formwassubmitted=true)

12-19-2007, 09:52 AM
I know I must seem like an idiot and I apologize! After downloading the Desktop Manager and OS I plugged in the BB to the computer. I first went to Application Loader and it went through a few things. I then went to Restore and was able to get my address book back!! Yeah! And so far it has not had the 411 error! BUT, I just checked the BB under the options menu and it still shows the old OS! So, my question is this--when you do a restore does it go back to the old OS or does using Application loader not update the OS or is it possible that the info under options is wrong? At this point I may just wait to see what happens, but would like to know so that if I get the error 411 again I can try updating the OS again! Thanks,

12-20-2007, 10:50 AM
I guess I spoke too soon! Today I have been getting the message "device error 411" and need to reset! This makes being available at any time a real problem since I would need to hold the phone in front of me all day to see if it needs to be reset! So, I'm guessing I should try updating the software again, but as I asked above I'm not sure if the Application Loader when connected is updating the software as my BB still shows the old OS under options. Then to top it off--the battery is drained and even though it is plugged in it doesn't appear to be charging as it keeps telling me that it is going to shut down because of low battery and I don't see the little arrow I usually see when it is plugged in! Help! Thanks,

12-20-2007, 10:54 AM
Me, I would be returning the device to TIM and getting a new one.

12-20-2007, 02:45 PM
I guess that is what I will try to do. Don't know if having it unlocked will be an issue! I took the battery out and rubbed it on my pants. When I put it back in everything looked good (battery completely charged despite being told the battery was drained) and it stayed on for about an hour. It then shut off again so I tried wiping the battery again and now I have a new error!!! This one says "prefetch exception!". Sz

12-21-2007, 04:12 PM
So can anyone tell me if they can tell if I had it unlocked? Can they blame the problems on that? If I am able to get them to upgrade to a different phone what should I go with? I don't think that I want to try the 7290 again. I was able to get past the prefetch exception by taking the battery out again, but am still receiving the error 411--so I gave up and went back to my old phone. I do not use the phone for anything except text messaging and calls, but since texting is such a big thing here in Italy I really want to stay with the QWERTY keypad. Thanks, Sz

12-21-2007, 04:58 PM
1- Unlocking does not cause those kinds of problems.

2- Wiping the battery on your pants won't do a thing. I don't know why you did.

12-22-2007, 02:31 PM
Hate to keep bugging, but if you were to recommend a particular model of Blackberry what would it be and why? I really want something that is dependable and with the fewest problems. I have no desire to pay extra to use it for internet or emailing--just want to use it for a phone and for text messaging. I don't necessarily want the most expensive, but I certainly don't want to stay with the 7290 after all the problems I have had! Thanks, Sz PS--I rubbed the battery on my pants in case there was something on the contacts that was blocking the charge!

12-25-2007, 02:20 AM
I think, given your need, I would get the 8700, a very good and strudy BB.

good luck!