View Full Version : Ringtones, mp3?

01-20-2008, 10:18 PM
After months of owning a 8700 I finally came around to update the ringtones. Been using one of the defaults, SPELL I think it's called. Anyway, did some research about transferring ringtones and found one way is to email me a link of the url where I post the file to my own webserver.

I tried this with a mp3 file and my device said it was an error and could not load this file because it has no app associated with it. I thought 8700 could do mp3 files? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

I'm running OS v4.10.284 on the Fido/Rogers network.

John Clark
01-20-2008, 10:20 PM
You need OS 4.2 in order to do mp3's on the 8700.

Follow the instructions in the thread below to upgrade your OS.


01-20-2008, 10:24 PM
Thank you John. I'll give it a try tonight.

01-20-2008, 11:29 PM
Wow! What a difference from the old OS I was using. It's like a new device that I need to learn again.