View Full Version : Sprint AND Verizon Email rconcile help...

01-25-2008, 12:32 PM
I have a Sprint 8800 and a client has a Verizon 8800 and we are both set up like this:

Exchange Server 2003 has the mailbox, and we are using Outlook 2003 to connect to Exchange, so there is a "Mailbox", not a PST. We both installed the latest Desktop client, 4.3, and set it up using the "Redirector" mode, so that if we leave our systems on, the redirector shoots the email to our devices, which works good. The problem is that with reconcile enabled in Desktop manager and set as an option when connecting the device, the emails do not sync, for either of us. BES is not an option here, and the Reconcile option is available, but doesn't seem to work.

Anyone have a clue????