View Full Version : Additional Extended Battery Offerings for 8800

01-26-2008, 10:49 AM
Have scanned the boards for extended battery for 8800 but nothing good out there. With seidios delay in a 2xxxmAh extended battery offering, I am moving on (trying to) to better things and try to find some more juice for my 8800 coming in.

There is a 1800mAh for igonemobile.com, had that one, but was kind of iffy.

Found the following on bbden: 1800mAh - Blackberry Batteries - 8800 Extended Battery 1800mAh with Battery Door - Blue (http://www.blackberryden.com/88batdoorblue.html)

Both are 1800mAh, but the igonemobile, have had issues with. Can anyone vouch for this other, or know of any other extended batteries out there better than 1800mAh for the 8800? Only the 8800 folks! Thanks.