View Full Version : Exchange sent mail sync with blackberry

02-02-2008, 04:26 AM
Hi Folks:

Any help would be greatly appreciated here. Here's the environment:

End user (me):
On PC - Fedora 8 with Kmail/Kontact
Blackberry 8300

Server side:
MS Exchange

I've recently moved to Fedora as my primary computing environment, and am trying to get Kontact/Kmail to work with corp. I currently have it set up to check mail via IMAP, and send mail via smtp, directly from and to the corp exchange server. Everything appears to be working fine when I send and receive mail from my BB. However, when I send mail from my PC client (Kmail) via SMTP, it shows up in my sent mail, gets to the destination successfully, but I don't see a copy on my BB.

I have confirmed that a copy does show up on my server side mailbox sent folder too. I did this by logging in via OWA. However, no show on the BB. If I send mail from OWA, it shows up fine in the sent folder as well as the BB.

I think it points to a sync issue between the BES and the Exchange server. Is this a known issue by any chance? Does the Exchange server not sync mail received via SMTP from a client with the BES?