View Full Version : keys/trackwheel/esc button stopped responding on 7250. I would appreciate any help!

03-19-2008, 11:24 AM
I just purchased a RIM 7250 on ebay and it seemed to work fine out of the box, but after the first battery charging the device stopped responding to all input. It initializes normally, goes to the home screen (tele-communication systems logo) then as soon as I move the trackwheel it goes to the menu screen then just stops responding after that. It runs the security check sucessfully. The clock date/time seems to continue working fine though. I downloaded desktop software v4.3 and the 7250 seemed to sync up with my pc but when I attempt to use the application loader (I was going to try to wipe the device clean and reinstall apps) I get a message saying the desktop software does not have the desktop software for this device, contact service provider??? I don't have any service provider yet, and I have never heard of tele-communication systems. Does anyone have any ideas or information for me on how to get the device keyboard and trackwheel functioning again? Thanks!