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03-19-2008, 01:01 PM
I'm having a couple of wierd problems and I'm not sure what's causing them (I've searched and couldn't find anything that addressed this so my appologies if this has been covered before);

1) My spam is now only going to my BB and no longer to my inbox(which is fine I guess) but I've got no junk mail filters in place in my Outlook and I'm not sure why it's not going both places.

2) We use all in one copier/scanner/printers that can e-mail pdf files. I've had several situations recently where I've scanned something and e-mailed it to myself only to have it show up on my BB but never in my Outlook. Yet when I attempt to forward that message from my BB, I get a red X like the message has been automaically deleted.

We are using BES and since there are only two of us in the company with BBs, our network admin is mostly no help on this.


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