View Full Version : Screen/Keyboard lock issue with my 8700g

03-20-2008, 09:06 AM
I had a post out here, but I think it may have dissappeared.

I have an 8700g that is up to date with all software. The problem is the darn thing will screen/keyboard lock while I am in the middle of a phone call or in the middle of typing an e-mail.

I see a couple posts out here with similar issues, but not sure if it is the same problem. If there is a resoltion I will be glad to read the thread if you know the link...


03-20-2008, 05:16 PM
Wirelessly posted (8700g)

That's a strange issue.

So, when it happens, you are able to unlock the 8700 and procede on as if nothing had happened? Any other issues, or just that?

03-21-2008, 01:38 AM
Yes strange it is. I unlock the device and all is back to normal. The timeout is set for 30 mins, I changed it to 1 hour, but no luck. I even tried reseating the SIM chip, but no luck.

Phone: Unfortunately I have to call back the person I was talking to... this is most annoying especially during work conversations.

E-Mail: The e-mail still exists, but again annoying especially when I am on a roll.

It does this 3-4 times a week, no pattern, no specific time, but when it does it is well before the timeout settings...