View Full Version : Dreaded "Keep Appointments" issue.. PLEASE HELP!!!

03-20-2008, 11:48 AM
Ok, I have had this issue in the past: I have a client running BES 4.0....whatever, and the new crop of 8700's that they got would delete previous calendar entries after 30 days. The "keep appontment" setting was nowhere to be found on the 8700's until I figured out that the setting IS there before doing the Enterprise Activation.

Well.... now I had to set up 3 8820's (from AT&T) in the past week, and even before the Enterprise Activation the "keep appointments" setting is NOWHERE at all!!!

And to make matters worse, I personally got a Sprint 8830 and have the same issue. But I am not using BIS or BES for my Sprint 8830, I just use the Desktop Redirector and keep my system running in my basement, and it works well. So I sync'ed my Calendar which has about 3 years in past appontments and the first sync went well, but then 2 days later, it was asking me to delete over 4000 past items!!!! I see no "keep appointments" on my 8830.

So I guess my question is: Where is the "keep appointments" setting on these units?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!




03-21-2008, 09:46 AM
Sorry, your question is a little hard to understand. Are you asking where the setting is on the BB itself?

If so, I just verified that if you go into the calendar and press the menu button and go to options. You will see it down towards the bottom of the calendar menu.

8820, 8830, 8700 - Enterprise activated and BIS activated.