View Full Version : Importing to Password Keeper from Roboform or others

04-22-2008, 11:58 AM
Roboform does not have a Blackberry version. If you want to take your Roboform (or password data from elsewhere) and put it into the Blackberry Password Keeper application (as a safer alternative to printing out your passwords when traveling) without buying software, here's a simple method I devised:

1) Make sure your computer is secure (no key loggers, nobody looking over your shoulder, no syncing enabled except Outlook and Blackberry, etc.)

2) Issue the print command in Roboform (but don't actually print)

3) Format for 1 column

4) Copy the data into the notes section of an Outlook contact (but be careful that the only kind of syncing you have enabled for Outlook is to your Blackberry - you don't want these passwords syncing to something in an unsecured way). Let's call this contact "pword"

5) Sync the Blackberry with Outlook

6) Copy the data from the "pword" contact

7) Open Password Keeper, then paste the data into the notes section of a new passcard

7a) Blackberry limits the amount of notes you can put in a contact (around 4000 characters??). So you may have to repeat (3) through (6) several times to copy all the data. That's what I did, so I ended up with 3 password entries in Password Keeper: A to H, I to S, and T to Z, each with all the passwords from Roboform that fall in that alphabet range.

8) IMPORTANT: When all done, eliminate the unprotected password data you have on your computer and blackberry contacts. One way to do this is delete the "pword" contact, then sync. Alternatively, you could paste some useless data into the Outlook contact (Like a string of numbers), then do a sync.

If you do browsing from your Blackberry, it's probably worth buying Ascendo's DataVault, which I think does automatic logins like Roboform, and you can import from Roboform.

But, if like me, you just need to have your passwords with you while traveling, this is much safer than carrying hard copy. It's a little cumbersome, but should take less than 15 minutes unless you have hundreds of passwords. What slows it down is that there is no way I know of to directly sync a sizable data chunk between a computer and a Blackberry. I did NOT want to email this data to myself as I have no control over the data while it's going over the internet and do not know whether passwords could get intercepted in transit.

If anyone has any improvements over this method that would make it faster or more secure, feel free to add to the discussion.