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04-26-2008, 12:36 AM
Howdy folks,

I tried searching the forums, but had difficulty finding advice specific to my situation. I appreciate everyone's guidance.

I have been in the corporate world for a very long time. Current setup:

* Curve (8300) on AT&T
- BES to corporate exchange server for my corporate email plus wireless sync of contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.
- BIS setup for my Yahoo Plus and Gmail personal email accounts

* Work laptop
- Outlook with all my emails, contacts, calendar, and notes (don't use tasks)
- Does NOT have the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed

* I have a new personal laptop that I haven't finished configuring yet
- I currently use web access for my Yahoo and Gmail accounts
- Will install either Office 2003 or 2007 (haven't decided whether I want to subject myself to learning Office 2007), so will have Outlook available on it to do POP3

I am going to leave corporate life to pursue more entrepreneurial endeavors, and may also do consulting type work as well along the way. So I need to migrate everything and need guidance on the best way to do this. I am moderately technically savvy but my knowledge of these matters doesn't go that deep.

* Migrating Outlook from work laptop to personal laptop
>> QUESTION: What is the best way to migrate everything from my work laptop to my personal laptop?
- Emails: I can just copy the emails I want to save to archive PST files, copy them over to my personal laptop, and open them in Outlook there, right?
- Calendar: How do I save all my calendar entries (past and future) and load them up again in my personal Outlook?
- Contacts: Same question?
- Notes: Same question?

* Email
- My Yahoo account (e.g. johndoe@<hidden>) is my primary personal email account which I will be using.
- I may set up a new domain/email address for consulting work (e.g. johndoe@<hidden>). I am thinking about setting this up via my Yahoo mail (Yahoo offers "Yahoo Mail Personal Address" as a premium service, delivering all mail into the same mailbox and letting you choose which address to use with outgoing mails) since Yahoo/BIS syncs emails. I must say, though, over the past 9 months or so that I've had BIS set up, Yahoo BIS has been by far much less reliable than my Gmail BIS. But Gmail doesn't sync and doesn't have an unlimited mailbox, so I don't want to use it.
>> QUESTION: Any advice on the best mailbox set up here? With Yahoo Personal Address, does anyone know if I would be able to choose the account to use with outgoing emails via my blackberry? For instance with Yahoo Plus's multiple Spamguard addresses, I can choose which one to use for outgoing mail on-line but NOT on my blackberry (everything comes from johndoe@<hidden>). Actually, since I haven't set up my personal Outlook/POP3 to Yahoo, I'm not even sure if I can choose Yahoo's alternate send from accounts from Outlook either?

* Calendar & Contacts: I am trying to decide whether I can live without wireless sync on calendar & contacts, which I love via my corporate BES but maybe is a luxury when I have to pay for it myself?!... What are my options? From my research, it appears I have the following options, is this correct?
1) Desktop Manager: Only email is wireless. Direct connect to sync calendar, contacts, notes with Outlook on my personal laptop. I suppose this is the lowest-cost solution, and probably many people who just have BIS do this. I could also switch my AT&T plan to BIS only and save some $$ too, right?
2) Desktop Manager + Google Calendar: Direct connect to sync contacts. Use Google calendar to wireless sync calendar, which can be buggy from what I glean on these forums and which also wouldn't sync with Outlook and I'd have stuff all over the place.
>> QUESTION: Is this a viable solution? Seems clunky.
3) Hosted Exchange service (e.g. ExchangeMyMail): Gives me wireless sync on everything just like I have now, but will cost me a couple hundred per year for a (small!) 200mb mailbox. Upside is not only would it give me full BES wireless sync functionality, I could use it as my johndoe@<hidden> address and could solve that problem. Downside is Yahoo mail gives me unlimited storage, a 200mb limit will have me archiving all the time.
>> QUESTION: Any advice on hosted exchange? Does this work well? Will I be able to integrate Yahoo/POP3 accounts and ExchangeMyMail/RPC (whatever that is!) together nicely in the same Outlook? I use VPN on my work laptop to get connected, I gather RPC is a less drastic way to allow me to connect to ExchangeMyMail's exchange server?

* Blackberry Curve Device: How do I migrate the device?
>> QUESTION: What happens when corporate IT shuts down my BES access? I assume my BIS accounts keep working and the main BES mailbox just stops? Is it advisable for me to load Desktop Manager onto my personal laptop, backup/wipe the device clean, and start over? If so, how would I do this?

Anything else I should be considering or planning for before I leave the corporate teat? (T minus 1.5 weeks!!)

Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for the advice!

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Can anyone please help with this? Thanks!

04-29-2008, 11:57 AM
You have quite a few questions, and I suspect that you would be well served by sitting down with a consultant who will help you get set up properly the first time. This is probably the most valuable advice that I will give you. Having said that, I'll take a poke at a couple of the items that you mention.

From the sounds of it it doesn't seem as if you are going to need an internal server at your new office. Therefore, everything can be migrated by Outlook pst files, including contacts, tasks, emails, etc., etc.

Desktop Manager is not too bad to use in a BIS environment, and you probably do not need anything more than that. Hosted Exchange works fine, and I personally think would be a better solution than trying to set up your own exchange server and BES.

Get a personal domain for consulting work -- it comes off as far more professional.

Read up on removal of the corporate IT policy. Maybe talk to IT now about doing that in advance of formal departure. (Or keep good relations so you can come back for help in getting it removed.)