View Full Version : Issue with Blackberry/ Outlook 2002 on POP3 account

04-26-2008, 04:08 PM
Dear all,

I'm a beginner (actually I purchased my 8320 today and use it for a couple of hours only), so I appologize in advance if my question is really stupid.

I have an e-Mail account that works with POP3. I usually either check it via Outlook Web Access or download my messages with Outlook 2002.

Today, I installed this account on my Blackberry and this worked without problems. I see my messages, can reply to them, etc. But now I cannot synchronize this account with Outlook anymore. Outlook tries to connect and then (after 5-10 minutes or so) stops with a connection error.

I have just deleted the account from my Blackberry, but Outlook still doesn't work. This drives me crazy, as I am used to working with Outlook for my messages.

Did I do anything wrong? Is there some way to access my POP3 account with Blackberry and still be able to synchronize with Outlook 2002?

Thanks very much for your answer,